Laser engraved hangers branded – Bedwin and The Heartbreakers


Looking for laser engraved coat hangers or personalised custom printed hangers in the UK? Contact on 01489 808007 or email; Our clothes hangers are designed for domestic, retail or commercial use and branded hangers are ideal when displaying fashion clothing in a retail store.

We’ve recently completed a bespoke hanger project for our client who required laser engraved coat hangers branded with their company logo. Laser engraved hangers are an alternative method of branding we at Valentino’s Displays offer its customers for those looking to personalise their hangers.

This project involved two types of clothes hangers. A suit top hanger and a suit hanger with peg clips. There was a total quantity of 200 hangers. On bespoke projects like this, we suggest sending a sample piece to our client ensuring they are satisfied with the quality of our work. When it involves engraving hangers, if they are not right for whatever reason then it’s impossible to change them. Therefore a paid sample removes any doubt for our clients.

Etched Coat Hangers Engraved with Logo

The sample was approved by Bedwin and The Heartbreakers. These hangers were produced for this client within the space of a week. Not bad going!

Etched Clothes Hangers Engraved with Logo

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