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Jewellery retail visual merchandising is unique, products are generally locked away out of customers reach, meaning they have to rely on how it looks when establishing an initial interest. If a customer doesn’t like the way a product looks on display, it’s likely they’ll never get to the stage of approaching a member of staff for a closer look, they might not even get past the window display.

This blog focuses on how you can use visual merchandising in your jewellery retail store to make sure your products speak for themselves.

1. Make use of mannequins

Mannequins are a great tool to help you make specific products stand out, they can be used both in your shop floor display and window display to encourage customers to use their imaginations. A necklace hanging on a display head mannequin or a ring on a mannequin display hand will help the customer visualise wearing the item.

2. Group your products by the brand as well as category

Make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they’re after. Browsers will wander around looking at all your different displays, but most serious buyers will already have an idea of what they want. By grouping necklaces, rings, watchers etc. together you’ll make it easy for shoppers to cut through the noise. Equally some shoppers will be looking for a specific brand, so grouping these together in a separate display will help them focus.

3. Don’t be afraid to be creative with props

It’s likely you have a range of products you want to ensure catch each customer’s eye. Using props can help you make a feature of these products, grabbing customers’ attention.

There’s an endless list of options with props and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and get creative, but remember, the main objective here is to showcase the products in your jewellery display, not the props.

Visual Merchandising Tips for Jewellery Retail

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4. Remember the importance of good lighting

The lighting in your jewellery store needs to compliment your products, make it easy for customers to see the products through the glass, whilst also creating the right atmosphere. Review the lighting in your store regularly, make sure no bulbs are out and ensure you are happy with how the products look under the lights.

Including lighting inside your display counters can help reduce any reflections and distortions caused by external lighting.

5. Ensure your customer’s comfort

Add to the customer’s buying experience by ensuring they are comfortable throughout it, once they have decided they want to look closer at a product, offer them a seat, allow the customer to sit comfortably whilst trying on their chosen product. Have a mirror on hand rather than them having to get up and walk across the store to look at each item.

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