Pros and cons of using cheaper display clothes rails


We at Valentino’s Displays have always wondered what customers buying habits and trends are and the perception and reasons behind purchasing any product let alone the topic of this blog which is looking at the pros and cons of using cheaper display clothes rail also known as garment rails.

The pros of using cheap clothes rails (imported items) are certainly the economics of purchasing the product. It is likely to be more financially viable to purchase a cheap clothes rail especially if you are only looking to use it for temporarily. Possibly you moving house and need extra, temporary hanging space? They are also likely to be available as flat-packed within a box so some assembly would be required. Whereas a UK-made garment rail is made from UK steel so it’s as strong as they come however due to the quality it will come at a price and it will be more expensive to purchase than an import item that you could purchase over the counter in many retail stores. You are likely to pick up a cheap rail for around £10-20 versus the £20-40 on the UK-made option.

The cons of the cheaper option clothes rail would be its strength and durability. They are great for short-term use however if you are looking for the long-term and want to add a lot of weight to the unit then the cheap option will not suffice and will collapse immediately. The reason for this is because they are a cheap import item made outside of the UK and the quality is not the same.

In our opinion, if you are looking for a long-term storage solution then certainly the UK-made clothes rails are the options for you. You’ll have the peace of mind that the equipment will last. These UK-made garment rails are the same as the ones supplied to large retail companies for retail use. With heavy demands and weighty expectations customers require clothes rails that carry substantial weight – for domestic or retail use our dress rails will be an ideal solution for you.

They are available in a host of colours and vary in sizes from 3ft widths up to 6ft wide. You can add accessories to them such as clothes rail centre bars and height extensions. Many customers decide that to make use of the space they will increase the height and then use it as a centre bar to create two clothes rails into one so they have extra hanging space.

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