Tips to transform a retail display and boost sales


Now you’re here at Valentino’s Displays, you probably already understand that retail success can be influenced heavily by the effort you put into your displays and having strong visual merchandising ideas.

The truth is that you need to maximise and then transform the display and make it work as a sales and marketing tool. In order to do that, you need to first become equipped with basic knowledge about what it would take to make more people take notice of what you have to offer.

Here are some things that you can do:

A monthly change of displays is necessary. To keep things looking fresh then you need to move stuff around every couple of weeks or so. If things start looking and feeling a little dull then you know you got to make some changes. You also need to move things around whenever new merchandise comes along. Consider ideas like bespoke shelving units that can be altered regularly to show off your newest stock.

Say no to monochromatic displays. Using monochrome displays may seem a little uninteresting to the human eye. A customer might take a glance at it but is likely to move on without buying at all. Make use of two to three colours and be sure that one is stronger than the other to emphasise it more.

Highlight your display by using proper lighting. You can make it strong as a way of emphasising that particular merchandise. Professional, high-quality overhead lighting makes all the difference even when using simple displays and cheap shelving units. Making your products look great will often be the difference between a passing glance and a sale.

It helps to put tags on all your items.  Even if some would claim it compromises the aesthetic of their displays. People don’t like asking how much an item costs, and in many cases will ignore anything that isn’t priced up. Tags and labels don’t have to be obvious from a distance, but if someone’s interested enough to check the price they need to be able to find it, or your efforts will be wasted.

Give people what they want. The most attractive and popular products need to be the most prominent to maximise the overall look of your displays. Don’t be tempted to start pushing your less popular products to the forefront too often, as this is likely to backfire.

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