UK retailers upbeat about what lies in store for 2015


After a wonderful Christmas break, we’re back and kicking off our first 2015 blog post with some positive retail news to shake off the January blues.

A survey undertaken by the British Retail Consortium has revealed that UK retailers are feeling optimistic about what lies in store for 2015, with the majority of retailers expecting an increase in sales, further investments as well as more hiring of new staff.

76% of those that took part in the survey predicted higher sales than those of 2014, 78% of respondents expect their workforce to grow in 2015 and two-thirds plan to increase investment throughout the new year.

These figures show that retailers are starting to regain their confidence after a rocky few years which has seen them having to battle against the economy in order to regain customer confidence and increase sales. It would seem UK retailers are feeling optimistic about their prospects in the new year, with many retailers looking to drive investment and employment growth throughout 2015.

As you probably know if you’ve read our other blogs, retail rates have grown at their fastest rate in more than ten years following 2014’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, with sales in November 2014 rising by 6.4% versus November 2013, which is largest annual rise since May 2004.

After an unstable few years, let’s hope that the optimism and strong retail sales continue throughout 2015. Happy New Year all!

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