Exclusive Sportswear Mannequins

Sportswear always looks best when it’s being worn by a sporting person, and is certainly more attractive on a body than languishing on a hanger. Many mannequins for sale feature a chiselled, athletic physique, but what if you can’t find the right pose? In this situation, it’s time to turn to one of the best custom made mannequins suppliers in the UK; us!

Our client

As a leading sports brand, this client is no stranger to effective marketing. When they needed to start promoting a new product range featuring sportswear and sporting garments, they knew they needed to find the right sports mannequin for sale to show off their products perfectly.

Our customer's goal

Our customer needed to buy sports mannequins for a photo shoot launching a new product range. However, they couldn’t find a sport mannequin for sale that ticked all the boxes they needed. They had heard about bespoke mannequins at Valentino’s Displays, and contacted us for help. They needed two models for a sports mannequins display, one male and one female, both in a running pose and both with a headless design.

Our approach

We knew that these particular sports mannequins display just did not exist; not in the colour, pose and finish that our client was looking for. That meant there was only one thing for it; to make them ourselves. We had to think about:
  • Pose: We had to design these fitness mannequins from the ground up, considering physique, pose and balance of the product itself.
  • Weight: Our client needed to move their athletic mannequins around frequently, so we chose to build them in fibreglass for a robust yet lightweight construction.
  • Time: Our client had a very tight ten day window for this project. The photoshoot was non-movable, so we couldn’t be late.

This was a challenging project, but as one of the UK’s leading custom made mannequins suppliers, we knew we could do it.

The end results

We think you’ll agree that these custom built mannequins look amazing. The defined physique of the shop display mannequin body makes for a perfect way to display sports clothing at its best, and the headless design means the eye is drawn to what the fitness mannequins are wearing, rather than to the face itself. We were so happy, we decided to offer these exact mannequins for sale as part of our regular product range.

Our client was equally delighted with how these athletic mannequins turned out, commenting that:

"We approached Valentino's Displays with an urgent request to produce two active sports mannequins within a very short time frame. From initial contact to receipt of the products Antonio's approach was very hands on and professional. We felt confident in the company's ability to deliver what we'd asked of them and the quality of the product has surpassed our expectations. We very much appreciated the extra effort Antonio went to, organising speedy delivery for us which meant we were able to keep on schedule with our new product launch photography. I would have no hesitation in recommending bespoke mannequins at Valentino's Displays - they will be our first point of contact for all future display requests".

If you’re looking to buy sports mannequins for your business, we can supply custom made mannequins UK wide. As well as fitness mannequins, we supply a wide range of other custom built mannequins as well including softer physiques, flexible mannequins and sporty products in other poses. As well as this, we offer numerous off the shelf mannequins for sale on our website. Talk to our team today about your ideal shop display mannequin and we’ll create the perfect item for you.