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Female Sports Mannequins

Sports mannequins - female, fitness mannequins

Selling sports equipment and apparel can be a highlycompetitive industry to crack. Setting up amazing window displays, in storearrangements and showcasing your products in an attention-grabbing way can makeall the difference to your eventual bottom line. Discover our huge range of mannequins for sale anduncover a better way to advertise your amazing products and upsell your rangewith ease.

Our female sport mannequin range

Take your pick from our generous range of femalesport mannequin models, designed to display your products to the best of theirability and encourage your shoppers to buy. Our mannequins for sale areavailable in a huge range of colours, poses and finishes, letting you adapt andchoose your perfect models to support your brand and retail environment.

When choosing sport mannequin for your business,think about:

  • Colour: We offerour mannequins for sale in a wide range of colour choices. White mannequins areclean and contemporary, black are striking and bold, whereas the grey type arehighly fashionable and designed to make the most of your eye-catching products.

  • Pose: Fromrunning to tennis, golf to cycling, we offer mannequins UK wide in a whole hostof poses to suit your needs. Standing and running sport mannequin styles areadaptable to your needs with no more than a few accessories, whereas asport-centred pose will demonstrate your passion for your niche.

  • Finish: All ourmannequins for UK businesses can be finished in either a cool, contemporarymatte finish, or a slick, shiny gloss finish. Think about what apparel theywill wear, and pick what suits your brand and style.

  • Face: Traditionally,mannequins for sport featured moulded faces and sculpted hair, and we can absolutelysupply those models. However, modern brands have realised the benefits ofadopting a more abstract look, with either faceless or headless models seeingan upsurge in popularity.

We manufacture our own sport mannequin models hereat Valentino’s Displays, so we’re not limited to just what our suppliers haveon their shelves. This means that you can develop your own, bespoke design,based on your unique needs and we’ll put it together for you. From horse ridersto motorbikes, if you can’t see your mannequins for sale on our site, talk toour team and we’ll be happy to help.

Male sport mannequins for sale too!

As well as our wonderful female mannequins, we also offer a full range of male sport mannequin models to help you advertise any men’s products you might be selling too. We deliver all our female and male mannequins UK wide, and free of charge too. Not only that, but you’re free to take delivery of our products and keep them for up to 14 days to inspect the quality, with a no quibble returns policy for your peace of mind. Talk to our team about your perfect sport mannequin designs today, and we’ll be happy to help.