1288mm x 940mm (Portrait) Grippit Lockable Wall Frame 99039
1288mm x 940mm (Portrait) Grippit Lockable Wall Frame99039
£599.95 +VAT
646mm x 480mm (Portrait) Grippit Lockable Wall Frame 99040
646mm x 480mm (Portrait) Grippit Lockable Wall Frame99040
£259.95 +VAT
1609mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Lockable Frame 99041
1609mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Lockable Frame99041
£799.95 +VAT
860mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Lockable Frame 99042
860mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Lockable Frame99042
£599.95 +VAT
1074mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Lockable Frame 99043
1074mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Lockable Frame99043
£799.95 +VAT
432mm x 710mm (Landscape) Lockable Frame 99044
432mm x 710mm (Landscape) Lockable Frame99044
£279.95 +VAT
967mm x 710mm (Portrait) Lockable Wall Frame 99045
967mm x 710mm (Portrait) Lockable Wall Frame99045
£399.95 +VAT
646mm x 940mm (Landscape) Lockable Frame 99046
646mm x 940mm (Landscape) Lockable Frame99046
£429.95 +VAT
Have you discovered the Grippit range of wall signs yet? Let us introduce you to one of the most innovative systems of wall signs in the UK today.

Grippit uses a patented pin free mounting system to professionally display all your notices, images, advertisements and graphics in a safe, simple manner. Using the principles of friction and pressure, hidden rubber strips grab and hold on to pretty much any media you care to apply to the face of these popular metal wall signs.

Powder coated for a deep, rich colour that will last and last, these wall frames are ideal for creating a cheerful, eye-catching display in any location. Use tile signs to create unique message and words, or simply mount any type of paper, card or laminate to your wall signs to create unique, attractive displays any time. 

What to expect from your Grippit wall signs?

These are some of the most popular wall frames in the UK right now, and it’s easy to see why. Here’s what you get when you choose to display your messages using a Grippit wall frame:

•  A wide variety of sizes and shapes: Take your pick from portrait or landscape, and pick the perfect size of wall signs for your needs.
•  A huge choice of vibrant colours: Select something that complements your brand, something that complements your décor, or just something fun. From neutral shades to eye popping brights, Grippit has one of the largest colour ranges of any wall frames UK wide.
•  Super easy display changes: Just grab and pull to take old media down; simply lift and press to put new media up. With a system as simple as this, you’ll be changing your displays daily!
•  Secure lock frame: When you choose a lockable Grippit wall frame, we’ll mount your chosen wall signs into our durable secure lock frame. These wall frames are constructed to be heavy duty and highly secure, and feature a lock and hinge system to keep the contents safe from vandalism or tampering.
•  Pin free displays: Never again have to hunt for a pin when you’ve got something important to display. Never again discover a pin in the sole of your shoe, or have to remove a rusty one from your display. Grippit’s pin free mounting system will ensure your media is held securely without the need for awkward pins or messy blue tack.
•  A professional finish: Because all material attached to Grippit metal wall signs automatically self level, your displays will never have looked so professional. Whether you’re using tile signs, photographs, documents or something else, the magic of Grippit will ensure everything is straight as a die at all times.

If you’re looking for display frames for wall mounting, Grippit is a great choice. With all these features and more besides, there’s very little reason not to choose this innovative wall frame system for your office or business premises.

Let us quote you for your wall frames

We supply Grippit wall signs UK wide, and can even export these wall frames worldwide if required. If you’re in a hurry, we offer rapid delivery of these wall signs to UK addresses, so just get in touch for a quote to suit your needs and budget.