1270mm x 940mm (Portrait) Wall Tile Sign 99031
1270mm x 940mm (Portrait) Wall Tile Sign99031
£499.95 +VAT
628mm x 480mm (Portrait) Wall Tile Sign 99032
628mm x 480mm (Portrait) Wall Tile Sign99032
£259.95 +VAT
1591mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Wall Tile Sign 99033
1591mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Wall Tile Sign99033
£599.95 +VAT
842mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Wall Tile Sign 99034
842mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Wall Tile Sign99034
£499.95 +VAT
1056mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Wall Tile Sign 99035
1056mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Wall Tile Sign99035
£599.95 +VAT
414mm x 710mm (Landscape) Wall Tile Sign 99036
414mm x 710mm (Landscape) Wall Tile Sign99036
£259.95 +VAT
949mm x 710mm (Portrait) Wall Tile Sign 99037
949mm x 710mm (Portrait) Wall Tile Sign99037
£379.95 +VAT
628mm x 940mm (Landscape) Wall Tile Sign 99038
628mm x 940mm (Landscape) Wall Tile Sign99038
£379.95 +VAT
When it comes to superior, professional wall frames, nobody does it better than Grippit. One of the most popular ranges of wall signs in the UK, these versatile metal wall frames are perfect for displaying practically anything, anywhere.

Why choose Grippit tile signs?

When you choose the Grippit tile signs system, you can become your own professional sign writer, with the flexibility to alter your message whenever it suits, at no further cost to you. Every wall frame is supplied with a range of letters and symbols mounted on tiles, so that you can design your own message or display to suit your needs.

When you choose a colour matched range of tiles, the background of the tile will blend perfectly with your wall signs, so that it’s barely noticeable that the letters aren’t printed on the wall frame itself. From a short distance, this looks perfectly professional, and just like a traditional sign, but with none of the downsides.

Alternatively, we can supply you with a different, complementary colour of tiles, so that you can create an eye-catching, bold message layout using colour and style to grab the reader’s attention. The tiles aren’t all you can mount on these wall signs though; in fact, you can still mount just about anything onto Grippit tile signs, mixing images and graphics with words and symbols to create a completely unique way to pass on information.

How does Grippit work?

Each of the Grippit wall frames has a pre-set number of slats. Each of these slats houses a unique rubber strip, which bends and flexes as items are pressed against it. When you add media to your Grippit wall frame, the rubber is pushed out of position slightly. As you let go, it returns to its original position, applying pressure and friction to the mounted media, holding it securely in place.

Why are Grippit such popular wall frames in the UK?

There are numerous reasons why our customers love Grippit. No doubt the bright colours of these wall frames in UK businesses help staff to feel happier and more cheerful, and no doubt the astounding ease of use and flexibility of display adds to the appeal too. However, there is a certain, more serious reason that we know Grippit wall signs are a UK favourite choice.

Because Grippit wall frames are a completely pin and magnet free system, they are actually more hygienic and better in terms of health and safety than many of their alternatives. Pins frequently drop from notice boards, and can then be transported on shoes or trolley wheels into areas which are otherwise sterile, spreading contamination and risking health and hygiene. They could also cause a hazard themselves, particularly in areas where children or animals are present, and are not a great solution for wall signs in any vulnerable location.

Grippit display frames for wall mounting are suitable for use in all sorts of places, and have become highly popular with healthcare businesses, childcare companies and places where food is being prepared. When it comes to healthy, safe solutions for wall signs in the UK, Grippit is an elegant, attractive and value for money choice.