1288mm x 940mm (Portrait) Grippit Lockable Tile Sign 99047
1288mm x 940mm (Portrait) Grippit Lockable Tile Sign99047
£729.95 +VAT
646mm x 480mm (Portrait) Grippit Lockable Tile Sign 99048
646mm x 480mm (Portrait) Grippit Lockable Tile Sign99048
£399.95 +VAT
1609mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Lockable Tile Sign 99049
1609mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Lockable Tile Sign99049
£949.95 +VAT
860mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Lockable Tile Sign 99050
860mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Lockable Tile Sign99050
£729.95 +VAT
1074mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Lockable Tile Sign 99051
1074mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Lockable Tile Sign99051
£949.95 +VAT
432mm x 710mm (Landscape) Lockable Tile Sign 99052
432mm x 710mm (Landscape) Lockable Tile Sign99052
£429.95 +VAT
967mm x 710mm (Portrait) Lockable Tile Sign 99053
967mm x 710mm (Portrait) Lockable Tile Sign99053
£599.95 +VAT
646mm x 940mm (Landscape) Lockable Sign 99054
646mm x 940mm (Landscape) Lockable Sign99054
£599.95 +VAT
Introducing the wall frame that has revolutionised wall signs in the UK today. The Grippit is a unique system of metal wall signs which are both aesthetically very pleasing and easy to use too. Not only that, but these wall signs are designed and built to last, so you can continue to enjoy your Grippit wall frames for many years to come.

We supply and deliver Grippit wall signs UK wide, and to all sorts of different businesses, enterprises and organisations. All our customers love our Grippit metal wall signs, and once you get to know them, you will too.

Why choose Grippit wall signs?

As one of the most popular ranges of wall frames in the UK today, Grippit are obviously doing something right. Here’s just a few of the reasons our customers love this wall frame system, and why we think you will too:

•    There is a huge range of sizes making it easy for you to find the perfect wall frame for your specific needs. Sizes and shapes are varied, so whether you need a compact landscape display or some gigantic portrait wall signs, Grippit will have the product for you.
•    The colour choice is generous, covering everything from traffic stopping red to more subtle shades of brown and grey. Thanks to the technique of powder coating the slats of these wall frames, the colours are simply eye popping, and will remain that way for many years to come.
•    They are super user friendly, using the simple principles of friction and pressure to grab and hold any items securely to the board. From postcards to photographs, posters to lettering, you can count on these wall signs to keep everything in place.
•    There’s no need for pins, because Grippit display frames for wall mounting literally hold onto your items for you. This means no dangerous pins or tacks, no messy blue tack, and the fastest, easiest way to alter your display you’ve ever encountered.

The verdict is in, and it seem that when it comes to high quality, user friendly wall frames the UK prefers Grippit.

The benefits of tile signs

When you choose the Grippit tile sign, not only will you enjoy all the usual features and benefits of these amazing metal wall signs, you’ll also become your own professional sign writer too. Using the pre-supplied Grippit tiles, you can create your own messages, words and phrases on your Grippit wall frame and achieve a totally professional finish too.
Because anything attached to this wall sign automatically centres itself thanks to gravity, your tile signs will hang in a perfectly perpendicular arrangement too. Say goodbye to wonky lettering, skewed images and other unprofessional elements, and embrace an easier way to create unique wall signs for your business whenever, wherever you need to.

Fast delivery wall frames UK wide

Whichever display frames for wall mounting take your fancy, we can get them to you faster if you happen to be in a hurry. Here at Valentino’s Displays, we offer rapid shipping on wall signs to UK addresses, from next day before 9am if you’re ordering before 12pm today. We can also ship our wall frames internationally too; just get in touch and ask our expert team for a delivery estimation, and you too can enjoy the benefits of these exciting Grippit wall signs.