Etched Hangers - Looking Good Treasure

Looking Good Treasure - Laser Engraving Hangers, UK

As a renowned UK supplier of FSC coat hangers, we pride ourselves on being able to source the most environmentally friendly sustainable wooden hangers for sale in the country. When leading retailer TK Maxx needed to buy eco friendly coat hangers for a new marketing campaign, they knew they could trust us to do a top job. Here’s how we got on.

Our client

The TK Maxx brand is a well-known occupant of our local high streets all across the UK and has been since their launch in 1994. Offering gorgeous, designer pieces at knock down prices, it should come as no surprise that this is a retailer still doing well, even in today’s competitive market. Whether they’re looking for cheap eco clothing hangers or sustainable wooden hangers for sale, we’re always pleased to work with TK Maxx again.

Our customer’s goal

As part of a new marketing campaign, TK Maxx were looking to create custom wooden hangers engraved with their slogan, ‘Looking Good Treasure’. They wanted sustainable sourced wood for the material, and additional engraving on the arm of the hanger reading, ‘Treasure. Gems. Brands. Events. Rewards’.

As part of the same campaign, Valentino’s Displays also produced additional etched hangers using the slogans ‘Too Hot to Stay Hanging’, ‘Like me? Love me? Wear me!’, ‘My Most Treasured’ and ‘You Looking for Me?’.

Our approach

Our plans needed to be flawless if we were to produce these complex hanger designs to the high quality we knew our client wanted. We needed to consider:

  • The printing process: For these wooden clothes hangers with engraved logo designs, we needed to be able to cope with two different designs in two different places.
  • The hanger material: We couldn’t use just any old cheap eco clothing hangers for this client. We needed to source high quality FSC certified wooden hangers to ensure an amazing finish.
  • Quality control: With so many opportunities for things to go wrong, our quality control process for these ‘looking good treasure’ hangers had to be top notch.

Working with sustainable sourced wooden coat hangers presents its own set of problems. The eco friendly nature of these custom wood hangers means there can be some variation in the hue and grain of the wood, meaning we had to be extra careful to ensure a flawless finish for our client.

The end results

We think these engraved coat hangers look really amazing. Custom wood hangers work really well with our etched hangers process, and these FSC certified wooden hangers mean the brand is upholding their environmentally friendly credentials too. Our friends at TK Maxx were delighted with the result and are sure to order logo hangers from us again in the future.

If you’re looking for wooden clothes hangers with engraved logo designs, or maybe you need to buy eco friendly coat hangers for your business, why not work with Valentino’s Displays? You can order logo hangers from us in plastic, regular wood or, like TK Maxx, in sustainable sourced wood. We are the UK supplier of FSC coat hangers you can trust, so whatever you need, we’re here to help. Call today for a free quote on your perfect engraved coat hangers.