Coat Hanger Bespoke Etching - You Looking For Me?

Wood Engraving, Wood Engraved Hangers - You Looking For Me?

When a big name high street brand needed a custom wood hanger produced, they knew it was an opportunity to flex their environmentally friendly muscles too. They already knew Valentino’s Displays as a leading UK supplier of eco friendly coat hangers and asked us to work with them. Using FSC certified wooden hangers, we created five different batches of wooden engraved hangers that our client was absolutely delighted with. Here’s how we did it:

Our client

A famous face on any high street, TK Maxx have been in the UK and Ireland since 1994. With a unique business plan of offering designer goods and knock down prices, the company have expanded their clothing range to include shoes, homewares, accessories and more.

Our customer’s goal

Launching a new campaign in store, TK Maxx needed to create five different designs of wooden clothes hangers with etched logo artwork. For this order, we worked with the slogan ‘You looking for me?’ engraved on the neck of the hanger, and further branding on the left arm too, all etched onto sustainable sourced wood hangers. In addition to this, we also produced hangers featuring the slogans ‘Too Hot to Stay Hanging’, ‘Like me? Love me? Wear me!’, ‘Looking Good Treasure’ and ‘My most treasured’’.

Our approach

This was a complex project, where plenty could go wrong, so we had to plan meticulously to ensure a flawless result.

We needed to consider:

  • The hangers: We didn’t want any old check sustainable wooden hangers, so we made sure to buy FSC coat hangers that were high quality and durable.
  • The artwork: TK Maxx supplied us with artwork for both the slogan and the arm etching, so we could set up our laser engraving process.
  • The printing: Using laser engraving ensures an absolutely perfect result, accurate to the very finest of details. All our eco clothing hangers for sale on our site can be laser engraved or can be printed in any available colour.
  • The quality control: With five different slogans to etch and two locations to conduct the etching on, maintaining scrupulous quality control was essential.

The project was completed in plenty of time for our client’s deadline, and delivered to their store safely and securely ready for display.

The end results

We think these bespoke logo hangers look simply amazing. Using environmentally friendly wooden clothes hangers with etched logo artwork has boosted TK Maxx’s eco credentials, whilst also developing a custom wood hanger that looks professional and powerful in store. The slogan ‘You looking for me?’ is a clever marketing campaign that looks truly awesome on these wooden engraved hangers, and we can’t wait for our next opportunity to undertake hangers engraving for this client again.

If you’d like to buy FSC coat hangers, we have a great range of eco clothing hangers for sale on our site. These aren’t just cheap sustainable wooden hangers; they are fully FSC certified wooden hangers, so you can be confident that only sustainable sourced wood is being used. Choose to have these hangers engraving with your logo or slogan, or alternatively talk to us about our colourfast printing of your logo or image. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, as the leading UK supplier of eco friendly coat hangers, you can trust in Valentino’s. Call today for a free quote for your perfect bespoke logo hangers.