Engraved Wooden Hangers - My Most Treasured

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We’ve worked with TK Maxx several times in the past, so when they wanted to launch a new campaign featuring custom coat hangers to stimulate purchase, it was only natural that they wanted to work with us. They knew we could supply sustainable hangers branded with their chosen logo and instructed us to create five different designs on their behalf. Here’s how we got on with their first logo hangers:

Our client

Launched in the UK and Ireland in 1994, TK Maxx are a well-known brand on our nation’s high street. Offering designer products at well below the recommended retail price, this retailer is a well-loved brand for bargain hunters.  With a strong focus on equality and diversity, and a commitment to environmentally friendly practices, we are always delighted to receive an order from our friends at TK Maxx.

Our customer’s goal

Our client was launching a new campaign, featuring differently branded eco hangers displaying one of five eye catching slogans. For this project, we were asked to produce a quantity of hangers using a double engraving method, with the strapline ‘my most treasured’ on the head of the custom coat hangers. They wanted further branding on the arm of the hangers, reading ‘Treasure. Gems. Brands. Events. Rewards’ and required all this to be done on eco friendly hangers manufactured from sustainable sourced wood.

In addition to these wooden hangers with logo engraving, we also produced similar products with the slogans ‘Too Hot to Stay Hanging’, ‘Like me? Love me? Wear me!’, ‘Looking Good Treasure’ and ‘You Looking for Me?’.

Our approach

For this task, we had to think carefully about each stage in order to ensure a perfect finish. This included:

  • Securing eco friendly hangers: We have a great relationship with makers of FSC certified hangers, so arranging to buy FSC coat hangers was no big deal.
  • Engraving the slogan: We needed to engrave ‘my most treasured’ onto the head of the hanger, and needed to ensure consistency of the engraving across the entire supply.
  • Engraving the arm: A smaller logo needed to be placed onto the left arm of each of the eco hangers. This required setting the laser engraver up again following the first engraving run.

Working with sustainable hangers presented a number of challenges, not least that the minor discrepancies between the woods colours and grain can alter the appearance of the finished engraving. As such, as had to meticulously check each individual item to ensure a flawless finish.

The end results

We think you’ll agree that these wooden hangers with logo engraving look amazing. The design looks great on these FSC certified wooden hangers, giving them a really professional, flawless appearance.

If you’re looking to buy FSC coat hangers with any sort of branding, we’re the company to work with. We can print or engrave on any plastic or wooden hanger and pride ourselves on offering sustainable sourced wood hangers for companies looking to boost their environmentally friendly credentials. For a free quote on any quantity of logo hangers, just call Valentino’s Displays today.