Engraved Hangers - Too Hot To Stay Hanging

Laser Etched Wooden Coat Hangers 'Too Hot To Stay Hanging'

When a big high street brand wanted customised logo hangers laser etched in two places, we knew it would be a challenge, but one we were glad to be part of. Added to this, they needed five different designs and wished to use sustainable sourced wood for the material. Challenge accepted!

Our client

If you haven’t heard of TK Maxx, you must have been living under a rock. This high street giant has a presence in most major towns and cities around the UK and has been a friendly face on the high street since 1994. Offering top quality designer clothes, shoes, accessories and homewares at knock down prices has made this brand a firm favourite with bargain hunters everywhere.

Our customer’s goal

TK Maxx were launching a new marketing initiative featuring slogans including ‘Like me? Love me? Wear me!’, ‘Looking Good Treasure’, ‘You Looking for Me?’ and ‘My most treasured’. For this order, they needed to buy logo hangers featuring a 5th slogan, ‘Too Hot to Stay Hanging’, engraved on sustainable sourced wood hangers, with an additional logo engraved onto the arm. They were keen to source eco friendly coat hangers and asked us to supply laser etched FSC coat hangers direct to their showroom.

Our approach

Using eco friendly coat hangers comes with some unique issues, so we had to plan carefully to ensure a flawless finish. We considered:

  • Sourcing sustainable wooden hangers: We were able to secure FSC certified wooden hangers, which means they are manufactured from sustainable sourced wood.
  • Ensuring a quality engraving: We’ve had years of experience of supplying wooden engraved hangers with logo artwork, but with two prints to perfect we had to be meticulous in setting up the lasers and checking for quality control throughout the process.
  • Delivering securely and on time: We ship our laser etched coat hangers UK wide, but had to ensure we worked efficiently and in conjunction with our trusted couriers to meet the client’s pressing deadline.

We got these eco clothing hangers printed up and shipped to our client in plenty of time. Using FSC certified wooden hangers was exactly what the client wanted, and, thanks to our careful planning, we were able to tick all their boxes.

The end results

We love how these ‘Too Hot to Stay Hanging’ eco clothing hangers look. Choosing wooden engraved coat hangers with logo artwork like this has given TK Maxx a boost to their environmentally friendly credentials and a batch of sustainable wooden hangers that will last for years. Our client was delighted and plans to order custom coat hangers from us again.

If you’re keen to be more environmentally friendly and to order custom coat hangers for your business, you can buy logo hangers of all shapes and sizes from us. We supply laser etched coat hangers UK wide and overseas and can supply FSC coat hangers direct to your door. We also supply plastic and printed hangers too, so get in touch with our experts today to order custom coat hangers that are perfect for your needs.