Male Headless Runner Mannequin 74113
Male Headless Runner Mannequin74113
£495.00 +VAT
Male Black Athletic Muscular Mannequin 74118
Male Black Athletic Muscular Mannequin74118
£395.00 +VAT
Cycling Mannequin Torso 74136
Cycling Mannequin Torso74136
£625.00 +VAT
Your sports store is undoubtedly jostling for position in a high street crowded with similar offers, so it’s crucial to stand out from the competition. Even if your business is online, having a professional method of displaying your products and showing them in action can make all the difference to your brand. Our athletic mannequins and sport mannequins are the ideal solution, and are proven to help boost sales and brand attention when used to create amazing displays.

Many of our designs are bespoke; created and manufactured directly by us to ensure you end up with a gorgeously unique and eye-catching display. From window displays to in store point of sale models, our sport mannequins will give you that professional touch and effortless encouragement to buy, that will see your bottom line soar.

Choose your favourite athletic mannequins

Our male headless sport mannequins come in a range of poses and colours to suit your needs. For an off-the-shelf solution, you can choose from:
  • The headless runner: Exclusively designed and manufactured by Valentino’s, our headless runner was originally bespoke designed for a client, but is now offered to you as part of our range of athletic mannequins. Complete with chrome heavy duty base and a chiselled, muscular body, this is a great product for showing off all your running clothes and accessories.
  • The muscular mannequin: If you’re looking for a muscle mannequin, this guy is just what you need. Manufactured with meticulously detailed muscle definition, this black mannequin is toned, muscular and ideal for showcasing your fitted athletics apparel and accessories.
  • The cycling torso: Cut out all the unnecessariness and go for a torso-only display to really showcase your cycling apparel. Mount your headless torso on a bike for the wow factor, and dress in shorts and vest to demonstrate your cycling apparel beautifully.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for here, please do check out our full range of mannequins for sports retailers which are available in many different colours, poses and styles. If you prefer your mannequin with a head, our sculpted head and hair athletic mannequins are a great choice for you. We also offer a full range of female sport mannequins, so you can demonstrate your ladies clothing and products effectively too.

A muscle mannequin that’s built to last

All our sport mannequins are manufactured from high quality glass fibre, making the body robust, rigid and yet lightweight too. Each is mounted on either a chrome or shatterproof glass base, adding the necessary weight to ensure your model is secure and topple-proofed. Colour is added using no less than six layers of high quality chip resistant paint, ensuring all your athletic mannequins stay looking amazing for many years to come.