Printed Coat Hanger for Navitas Apparel

Navitas Apparel

When a well-known lifestyle apparel brand needed some eye catching, functional hangers to display their range of clothing, they knew we were the right company to work with. Navitas UK needed quality hangers, printed fast, but we knew we could work to their schedule and produce something amazing. Here’s how it went.

Our client

Navitas UK is an outdoor lifestyle brand based in the UK, who focus on creating products that they love, reflective of the way they spend their spare time. From fishing to festivals, camping to kayaking, this is a brand that loves life. Styles come from the streets but are inspired by the outdoors, making Navitas truly in a league of its own.

Our customer’s goal

Navitas wanted to secure some quality hangers for their retail outlets and to showcase their products to the best of their ability. They were looking to buy cheap wooden hangers in bulk, but realised that for just a few pennies more, they could have quality wooden hangers printed with logo from Valentino’s Displays.

Our approach

We knew this lifestyle apparel brand needed high quality hangers for their products, reflective of the high-quality items they sold in their stores. Here’s how we decided our approach:

  • Logo choice: As Navitas needed coat hangers personalized with their corporate logo, we asked them to supply both a high res image and a pantone number for the shade, so we could ensure it was perfectly matched to their branding.
  • Hanger choice: Most of their products focussed on heavyweight, outdoor sweaters, hoodies and jackets, we needed a custom clothes hanger which would stand up to this heavy-duty use. We helped them select a hard-wearing wooden hanger, in a wishbone design to give their clothes the perfect support.
  • Printing: We used a PAD print process, which is typical for printed hangers UK made. This is because the ink will not transfer to other people, apparel or items in the store, which is essential for any retail business selling clothing.

With everything ready to go, we got their custom clothes hangers finished and delivered in a matter of days.

The end results

The finished wooden hangers printed with logo looked amazing. The logo colour fitted perfectly against the natural wood background, and the client was very pleased with how things turned out. We’re looking forward to working with Navitas again in the future.

For any sort of printed hangers UK businesses can trust Valentino’s Displays to do an amazing job on their behalf. It may surprise you to find that to buy cheap wooden hangers in bulk only offers a meagre saving compared to some beautifully printed, high quality hangers from us. Get in touch to find out more.