Personalised Hangers for Strictly Babes

Strictly Babes

As a maternity clothing brand with two boutique stores, Strictly Babes was keen to improve its brand identity. In the market for personalised wooden hangers, the company got in touch with Valentino’s Displays to get their project done perfectly. But with international shipping to content with and a two-colour logo to accommodate, could we pull it off in time?

Our client

Strictly Babes is a clothing company designed just for pregnant ladies. Based in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, their focus is on beautiful style, outstanding customer service and a quality the surpasses other maternity clothing providers. Their aim is for their clients to look good and feel great throughout their pregnancy, with an emphasis on style and comfort.

Our customer’s goal

When Strictly Babes needed printed hangers with logo, they struggled to find a suitable partner in their native Nigeria. They heard that customized hangers UK made were of a higher quality and value than what was available locally, so they contacted Valentino’s Displays to undertake a batch of custom made hangers for their boutique stores in Lagos.

Our approach

We knew that Strictly Babes sold a wide variety of maternity clothing, so needed to find a solution that would accommodate all their garments easily. We opted for bespoke wooden hangers in two styles; the wishbone and the trouser hanger with chrome clips. These functional personalised wooden hangers would allow them to display everything from dresses and trousers to jackets and more.

Having sourced the right number of each style in the requested white wood finish, we set up the process to get their two-colour logo applied to each product. Using a two-step PAD printing process, we created these beautiful bespoke wooden hangers with the logo perfectly applied.

We used our great value international shipping to deliver the hangers directly to our customer, perfectly on schedule and within their timescales.

The end results

We were exceptionally pleased with how these custom made hangers turned out. The two-colour print was absolutely perfect on every product, and was beautifully set off by the clean, white background. Our client was delighted too.

We supply customized hangers UK wide to all sorts of clothing retail businesses, and ship to every country internationally too. If you’d like some beautiful hangers with logo for your business, just get in touch and our expert team will be happy to help.