Printed Hangers for Weasel and Stoat

Weasel and Stoat

Luxury, high-end children’s clothing: it’s a tough marketplace and one where you really need to stand out from the crowd. Branding is everything, and when London newcomers, Weasel & Stoat, decided to brand up their new retail store, they knew Valentino’s Displays was the place to come for amazing custom logo hangers.

Our client

Launched in 2012, Weasel & Stoat set themselves up as a super luxury childrenswear brand, dedicated to creating unique, unusual and high-quality items for mini-me’s. Based in London, the company chose its name to reflect the location of the business; weasel & stoat is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘coat’!

Our customer’s goal

As a truly high-end children’s fashion brand, Weasel & Stoat knew that they had their work cut out making a splash in the marketplace. Success would mean investing in an amazing brand image, so they decided to order some custom logo hangers from us. They already had their logo in high res format, and were confident that we would do a great job on their bespoke coat hangers.

Our approach

Our client chose two types of children’s custom printed hangers from our stock: A wishbone style with peg clips in chrome and a versatile jacket hanger. They picked wood, to stay with the high-quality image of their brand, and a black logo on a white background for the printing. We’ve been supplying branded wooden hangers UK wide for many years, but sometimes things aren’t as easy as they seem.

First of all, we discovered we could not order our personalized hangers in painted white wood, at least not in the smaller children’s sizes that Weasel & Stoat required. This meant we had to order plain wood hangers and paint them ourselves. Because some of these custom printed hangers featured chrome clips, we’d have to make sure we didn’t get any paint on the shiny bits during the process too. Here’s how it worked:

  • Powdercoating: We decided to powdercoat these personalized hangers, as it gives a lovely finish and a nice even coating of colour.
  • Masking: Before taking them to paint, we had to mask up all the chrome clips to avoid any white migrating to those areas.
  • Drying: The hangers took about a day to dry following powdercoating, after which we were able to remove the masking and polish up the chrome clips.
  • Printing: Our client had provided a high-resolution logo for their bespoke coat hangers, which was perfect for print. We used a PAD printing process to ensure the finish was high quality and colourfast.

Even with the challenges we faced with this order, the hangers were printed, finished and returned to the client within a week of them placing the order.

The end results

We really like the way these hangers look, and are grateful to our clients for sharing their images of these products in situ. They were very happy with our service and think these branded hangers really set their products off beautifully.

We supply branded wooden hangers UK wide to all sorts of retailers and businesses. If you need custom printed coat hangers or any other display products, do talk to us first for great quality, value and expertise.