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Slatwall Panels

Slat Wall, Slatwall and Slatted Panels

Slatted wall panels also known as Slatwall. Popular way to merchandise from, these panels are fixed to a shop wall with fixtures and fittings to display products. Shopfitters find this display solution perfect when looking for an instant solution when it comes to a shop re-fit.

Slatwall is a versatile display system allowing retailers to use the height of the walls to merchandise from, whether you are looking to use slatwall for hooks, shelf's or mannequins to hang from this system is great and compared with other systems economical when it comes to giving a store a make over quickly.

We sell slatwall in two standard panel sizes; 4ft high x 4ft wide or 8ft high x 4ft wide. The smaller sized panels - 4ft x 4ft are much easier to handle by one person with the larger sizes it will require extra hands due to the size and weights of these boards. A 4ft x 4ft board weighs approx 20kg where as 8ft x 4ft boards weigh double this, approx 40kg.

4' x 4' & 8' x 4' Slatwall Panels are an economical way to display. These are as standard in a portrait orientation; cut with equal borders to take inserts and have slots at 100mm pitch. Other configurations are available such as landscape configurations Slatwall Panels. Please note that our normal delivery charges do not apply to these items.

As standard all our boards have a pitch of 100mm (10cm) this is the distance between one slot and another. We are able to manufacture boards with an increased or decreased pitch if required however our standard pitch suits most display requirements.

Slatwall is available in various colours and wood grain finishes they are also available with or without inserts to cover the backing of the board. These inserts are not compulsory this is why we don't sell them with the boards however you may wish to purchase these to give the panels added strength when weight is applied, it also impacts on the eye and looks attractive to have these plastic or metal inserts slotted in the side of the board so the backing of the board can't be seen through the slots.

Slatwall panels are delivered to your door on a pallet and due to the weight and size of the boards an extra delivery charge is applied.