Ultimate A4 Magnetic Case 96211
Ultimate A4 Magnetic Case96211
£129.95 +VAT
Ultimate A3 Magnetic Case 96212
Ultimate A3 Magnetic Case96212
£149.95 +VAT
Ultimate A2 Magnetic Case 96213
Ultimate A2 Magnetic Case96213
£189.95 +VAT
Ultimate B2 Magnetic Case 96214
Ultimate B2 Magnetic Case96214
£209.95 +VAT
Ultimate 30x20 Magnetic Case 96215
Ultimate 30x20 Magnetic Case96215
£224.95 +VAT
Ultimate A1 Magnetic Case 96216
Ultimate A1 Magnetic Case96216
£249.95 +VAT
Ultimate B1 Magnetic Case 96217
Ultimate B1 Magnetic Case96217
£299.95 +VAT
Ultimate 40x30 Magnetic Case 96218
Ultimate 40x30 Magnetic Case96218
£319.95 +VAT
Ultimate A0 Magnetic Case 96219
Ultimate A0 Magnetic Case96219
£359.95 +VAT
Ultimate B0 Magnetic Case 96220
Ultimate B0 Magnetic Case96220
£449.95 +VAT
Ultimate 60x40 Magnetic Case 96221
Ultimate 60x40 Magnetic Case96221
£479.95 +VAT
Investing in outdoors display signs is a great choice for any business or enterprise. Customers may be curious about your business or product, but may not be ready to enter and talk to you. Choosing to display important information in outdoor poster frames gives them the opportunity to discover more about your company, without committing to entering the premises.

Community groups and membership organisations will find these outdoor display signs useful too. While it is not always possible to find a volunteer to man the building and welcome new members, your outdoor poster frames can advertise the dates of your meetings, forthcoming events and anything else of importance.

Whether you’re looking for small display frames for one document, or huge ones for hundreds, we can supply exactly the product you require. Not sure what you need? Feel free to talk to our expert in house team for bespoke advice on our products and applications. Our Ultimate range brings you designs of the best poster frame in the UK, so you can shop with confidence when you choose Valentino’s.

Why choose magnetic frames?

Magnetic frames are amazing for all sorts of reasons. We love them because they are functional, flexible and offer a unique way of displaying pretty much any media you like. The magnetised steel back board will grip your mounting magnets firmly, giving your poster, photographs and paper notices security, without causing any damage.

Using a magnetic frame means you can change your display or layout at any time, with no hassle. There’s no pins, no blue-tack and no mess, so anyone can amend the display at any time with no special equipment. Our ultimate magnetic frames are lockable too, so you’ve got no worries about tampering or vandalism, and can relax knowing that your display will look as great today as it did last month.

Truly ultimate display frames

There is no doubt our display frames offer great value for money. But cheap doesn’t always mean ‘rubbish’, in fact in this case it’s quite the opposite. Although we’ve worked hard to drive the price of our outdoor poster frames as low as possible, we also work hard to source the very best products available for our esteemed clientele.

When it comes to our ultimate range of outdoor display signs, you can be confident you’re buying the very best in the industry. Our magnetic frames are literally packed with premium features, to make them the best choice for you. These include:

•    Your choice of 11 graphic sizes, ranging from A4 up to B0 and larger
•    Your choice of 12 powder coated paint finishes
•    Sturdy magnetic steel back panel for easy affixing of materials
•    2mm strong, transparent and safe plastic glazing
•    Tamper and vandal resistant fixings
•    High spec weatherproofing including waterproof door seals
•    Completely removable doors making mounting of media easier
•    Slanted surround and flat back for completely flush fitting

If you need display frames that are both elegant and functional, these are your very best choice. Designed to look beautiful, built to stand the test of time, your investment in display frames for your business will be well rewarded with these.

Speedy delivery of your poster frame UK wide

Valentino’s are happy to deliver your poster frame UK wide, and in fact we can deliver these products all over the world if you need us to. We offer a no quibble 14 day returns policy, so if it’s not quite right, you’ll get every penny back with no questions asked.

If need fast delivery of your poster frame to a UK address, we offer a range of speedy shipping services, including next day by 9am. Most of the outdoor poster frames on our website are already in stock, and with our own courier network in place and ready to go, you can have your product faster than you imagined when you order from Valentino’s.

Our expert staff are on hand to answer all your questions about outdoor poster frames and display frames, so if you’re not sure what to buy or need to know more, just pick up the phone or chat to us online.