Create the best retail display ideas for Spring


After the bleakness of winter, spring welcomes sunshine and all-important colour to the high street. Spring is the perfect time to give your visual merchandising a vital refresh and create a beautiful seasonal window display that lifts the mood of potential customers and, more importantly, encourages sales. So how can you create a springtime window display and what is the best visual merchandising to promote the seasonal change?

Three best visual merchandising techniques for spring

Clever signage

As the days grow longer, the consumer’s mood and spirit are lifted. With this in mind, you can afford to have fun with your signage and appeal to brighten spirits and a sense of humour. Using colourful fluorescent markers, an A-board with a witty message to promote a particular product or offer can work wonders.

Eye-catching signage with a short and sweet message can also be a great marketing tool as people capture your message and share it on social media. It is wise to sense-check your message first as you do not want your advertising to go viral for the wrong reasons. However, spring is the perfect time to be light-hearted and promote the fun side of your business and give your customers added cheer.


One feature that is synonymous with spring is the arrival of flowers. You can enhance your displays with a few bouquets of flowers located on your shop floor and by the till point. You may also choose to partner with a local florist to promote their business and save your business the cost. Potted plants and hanging baskets outside of your shop can also enhance the exterior of your store and add a touch of spring.

In shop windows, consider floral backgrounds or adding flowers that have similar colours to the products you are promoting. For example, yellow and green merchandising posters will work with springtime daffodils. Vibrant colours work well with tulips, and clean white displays can be enhanced with snowdrops or fake cherry blossom trees.

Go natural

Springtime is a season when people want to explore more of nature. Using natural products in your visual merchandising displays can help to bring the outdoors inside. Consider using sugarcane and bamboo features, wooden shelving, and woven baskets to create a vision of springtime picnics and woodland walks.

Using natural products can also help your store to feel cleaner, brighter, and warmer. This will not only make your shop inviting, but it can also mean people will spend longer browsing, which could increase your sales. To further enhance the natural feel, add fresh, natural fragrances such as blossoms and forest scents.

Freshen up your visual merchandising

If you want to keep a springtime feel throughout the season, then it is essential to keep your visual merchandising fresh. This does not mean that you need frequent overhauls, but by changing the layout, design, and placement of products, you can attract more attention. If you need any visual merchandising equipment for your shop, then Valentino’s Displays can help. Call 01489 808007 for friendly advice and expertise for all of your visual merchandising needs.

Best Retail Display Ideas For Spring

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