Boots improves visual merchandising in time for Christmas


So it seems we’re not the only ones thinking about Christmas already, this week high street and online retailer Boots launched its biggest ever Christmas campaign with a multi-million-pound investment in the in-store experience.

Boots will enhance the customer experience this year by transforming their in-store merchandising so that it’s more product-focused. Rather than products being stacked up high on shelving, gifts including their new premium product range will be displayed in limited numbers or tiered on plinths, to enhance the in-store experience. The revamped Christmas gifting areas will include new furniture and lighting too.

A ‘star’ theme will run throughout the 2014 Christmas campaign with a message ‘because they’re special’ which will be used throughout print, TV, billboards and digital marketing. The changes in Boots’ visual merchandising strategy is based on responding to the needs of different customers. Last year the retailer received feedback from their customers about how they did not like the way their Christmas range was displayed in piles and gondolas around the store.

Here at Valentino’s Displays, we’re looking forward to seeing how Boots’ Christmas marketing campaign turns out and whether their change in visual merchandising strategy will enhance their customer experience and lead to the more profitable end of the year.

As visual merchandising becomes a more prominent theme for retailers it’s a topic we focus a lot on, but with less than 100 days until Christmas, it’s a topic that will be hitting the retail headlines a lot over the next few months. In the retail industry, Christmas is the most important time of year, it’s retailers busiest time of year, therefore, customer demand and expectations increase too. It’s important that retailers take on board their customer feedback, like Boots, and work towards improving their visual merchandising displays and customer experience.

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Boots Because They're Special

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