Valentino’s Displays launches a new collection of articulated mannequins


Our collection of an articulated mannequin is a visual merchandising innovation that can offer your visual merchandising display movement and life!

Male Articulated Mannequin For Sale

The flexibility of these mannequin forms enables you to change your collections with ease. You can make extreme changes to completely change the form of your mannequins. Additionally, you can make subtle adjustments to the arm and place accessories or props into the mannequins gripping fingers.

It’s a well-known fact that the power of well presented retail display can create a visual story that compels you to enter into a store and make a purchase. Visual merchandising with articulated mannequins has the power to transport potential customer into a different world.

A unique, engaging display will catch the attention of potential customers, even if they’re not interested in the product on display. Articulated mannequins require a creative eye. Consider arranging them as if they’re narrating a story or a situation that your ‘audience’ can relate to. Articulated mannequins can make your displays come alive. Therefore an effective visual merchandising tool that has the potential to increase sales and improve the overall image of a store.

When it comes to mannequins and particularly articulated mannequins, it’s not just about dressing them. You need to establish an environment that entices people and triggers the impulse to buy. Equally important is the use of creativity, themes, props and lighting. Position your articulated mannequins so that they tell the right story.

Make a great dancing display, or entwine the arms of your mannequins or show off jewellery and handbags on the gripping fingers. The possibilities are endless with articulated mannequins. In addition, they allow you to create engaging animated displays to entice and transport consumers.

New collection of mannequins for sale at Valentino’s

As a retailer, merchandiser or visual display professional we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find new concepts and ideas to help your stores merchandising creations come alive. Our new collection of premium articulated mannequins is expertly crafted using only the highest quality materials. For further information, read about our articulated mannequins for sale on Valentino’s website.

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