Commercial heavy-duty captive hangers for sale


Valentino’s Displays is proud to introduce to you a commercial range of heavy-duty captive hangers. Our range of strong captive coat hangers includes two variations of a 43cm width hanger. The difference between the two is one is sold in full chrome whereas the other is sold with a non-slip rubber coating across the bar and shoulders. We believe a 43cm width size is ideal for those looking for a unisex hanger that can be used for Men’s and Women’s garments. These have become hugely popular for those customers looking to hang extremely heavy clothing attire on a single bar – very popular for Firefighters’ outfits and wet suits!

Once on a clothes rail or occasionally used within fitted wardrobes in establishments like hotels, these captive hangers cannot be removed unless the rail is dismantled so they deter theft and remove the constant need of replenishing your stock of coat hangers. Over time these can be more of a cost-effective way of showcasing your clothes than the more traditional types of hangers on the market that you can buy.

Our captive coat hangers are sold individually – you don’t need to order a large quantity of these, however, we offer discounts on our website for those who do. The standard size of 430mm wide and manufactured from strong heavy-duty commercial grade 1/4 inch diameter of chrome-plated steel. All are made from one piece of construction. The full specifications of these coat hangers can be found below;

  • 43cm wide (430mm)
  • Manufactured from 1/4 inch chrome-plated steel
  • 60mm diameter across the internal ring or 70mm diameter external of the ring
  • With or without non-slip rubber coating

Our range of industrial captive clothes hangers can be seen below. Tell us what you think.

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