Making the most out of your clothes shop displays


When it comes to retail stores, appearance is everything. You may have an exclusive collection of top brand clothing, but if they are not displayed correctly, prospective customers won’t even notice them. Your store needs to be visually appealing; and not just the window display. Displays need to be attractive, designed to maximise floor space and also easy for customers to select what they want quickly and simply.

Here’s a look at some of the best ways to use your shop displays to help entice customers and increase your sales.

Window Displays

Your window display needs to literally turn heads, encouraging passers-by to stop and look, so it needs personality and visual appeal to make it stand out. A themed display can be very effective: you could use a colour theme or relate your theme to the season. For example, a summertime display could consist of a beach or nautical theme using base colours of blue and white and props such as fishing nets, buckets and spades, sand and beach balls.

Avoid making your window display cluttered and keep the look balanced. Use lighting to highlight your window without creating shadows. Side and front lights work well as does the use of spotlights from below.

Maximise Your Space

A cluttered shop not only makes it difficult for customers to move around but also ‘cheapens’ the look of your merchandise.

Use wall shelving to free up floor space, but don’t hang shelves that are too high and out of reach.

Circular clothes rails are an effective way of maximising available space. They are easy for customers to walk around and can hold more than wall rails, so you’ll have more merchandise on the floor without the overwhelming clutter. Customers also tend to prefer round rails, and usually, begin browsing them before the wall rails and shelves.

Fishtail, heavy-duty industrial rails are perfect for displaying heavier items such as wedding and formal dresses. Customers can view items from all angles and heavier dresses can be moved easily if the rail is on castors.

Keep Displays Fresh

Change your interior and window displays regularly to highlight newer items and also to re-position older items, giving the impression that they’re new arrivals.

There are a whole variety of retail garment rails available for you to creatively display your items at their best. Check out other stores and trade shows to see what displays work and which ones don’t.

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Circular Clothes Rails

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