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Valentino’s Displays offers excellent retail quality clothes rails and garment rails. UK manufactured from British steel with excellent prices and next-day delivery. Heavy-duty clothing rails are ideal for merchandising garments or used tucked away as storage racks.

This YouTube video below shows our UK heavy-duty industrial clothes rails being painted. Powder coat your storage rack in any colour you wish. They are available in standard colours – black matt, white gloss, and shiny chrome. This video shows a powder white matt finish being spray painted on one of our heavy-duty clothes rails. Our other videos can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Heavy-duty rails manufactured from 4 parts

Our clothes rails come in four parts. A pair of sides with or without wheels, one top bar, and one bottom bar. These pieces are then pushed together to get one complete dress rail ready to be used as a storage rack for additional storage. These rails are made from UK steel to the strongest specifications.

These are not imported items. These clothes rails are designed to hold maximum weight and are manufactured to retail standards. Whether you are a retailer or a domestic customer looking for a hanging rail for additional storage at home then our garment rails are an ideal solution that won’t let you down!

We can customise our clothes rails

Retailers have asked us before whether clothes rails are available in various colours? As our video shows, we are now more than happy to provide this service for our customers. Should our standard powder colours not be right, retailers can follow their shop windows or shop floor colour scheme.

There is no minimum order to have our heavy-duty clothes rails powder coated into another colour however usually it does affect the cost. Consequently, like most things the more you order the cheaper the unit rate will be.

For those of you interested in a quote for custom and bespoke clothes rails you can do this in a number of ways.

  1. Visit our website
  2. By email at
  3. Calling us on 01489 808007

From 3ft to 6ft wide dress rails

Our retail clothes rails are available in various sizes from 3ft wide to 6ft wide. A host of accessories are available to make sure all the necessary space is used.

You might want to use height extensions to increase the standard 5ft height. You might have long dresses to display like prom dresses or bridal dresses so extending the height would be perfectly reasonable.

Some of our customers make use of the height in their rooms by increasing the height of their rails and purchasing a sliding centre bar. These can be fixed anywhere across the centre to give you 2 rails into 1. This works out cheaper than purchasing 2 separate rails and also saves space if space is important to you. Ideal storage solution if your garments are short!

Other dress rails are available for sale including circular rails or spiral clothes rails. We also offer FREE UK delivery on all orders over £100.00 pounds so having a few clothing rails is likely to give you FREE nationwide delivery.

Valentino’s Displays bespoke services

Additional services Valentino’s Displays provide include branded hangers typically with a printed or laser-engraved logo.

Valentino’s Displays aims to be different from its competitors. We will not just show you our standard catalogue and only offer you a limited service. We’ll go the extra mile and ensure you get the display you want and not the display you’re given.

Bespoke Custom Made White Clothes Rails

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