Engraved wooden hangers – “Looking Good Treasure”


You may recall from a couple of previous blog posts we made in April 2015 that we worked with a client to produce five sets of UK custom wooden coat hangers.

We recently manufactured and delivered laser engraving onto wooden coat hangers for a UK client of ours. We were asked to produce some branding in the form of a laser etching on an FSC wooden clothes hanger.

“Looking Good Treasure” – The project

This was the third out of five hanger engravings we created for this particular client. The first logo slogan we had to brand was “Too Hot To Stay Hanging” and similarly “Like Me? Love Me? Wear Me!“.

An embossed chiselled effect that read “Looking Good Treasure” central in the neck area of the clothes hanger was the plan. We also had to produce a second etching down one arm (left facing) halfway down with the words “Treasure. Gems. Brands. Events. Rewards”.

Typically we usually only get asked to laser etch one logo per hanger and this was the first occasion where we had to do a multiple etching. There is no limit to the number of engraves that we can do on any given hanger when it comes to laser engraving, it’s really up to you!

Ultimately our client was trying to achieve a look where the branding would be darkened to stand out in comparison to the main body of the hanger. On this coat-hanger, as you can see this was achieved, and both etches created a “burnt effect”. This was the target!

The result

Please don’t be fooled that each engrave achieves this result. It depends on the type of wood we are engraving into that determines the finish. Each coat hanger is made out of a different type of wood and because of this, it is impossible to achieve the same consistency over various models of hangers. If you are in any doubt, then many customers of ours purchase a sample prior to a bulk order to see what the finished article would look like.

So, what do you think of these retail coat hangers? We have more display images from this custom project in our case study – Looking Good Treasure. We are really pleased with how they have come out!

Get Valentino’s to brand your wooden coat hangers

For those interested in branded wooden coat hangers with an etched logo, click here! Maybe you would prefer Valentino’s to brand your hangers by ink print instead? We offer an ink printing service as well as laser engraving depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Both with excellent sets of results! Contact Valentino’s Displays.

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