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Take your branding and market exposure to the next level with the option of customised laser engraved wooden coat hangers. Are you having a photograph taken of your wedding dress on the morning of your big day? Engraved bridal hangers are the perfect addition for your wedding dress, a lasting keepsake for a bridesmaid or within a retail environment. Having your shop’s name engraved on the hanger is a clever marketing idea, because when your customer takes it home then it is a constant reminder of your shop, every time they open their wardrobe. We can either print your name on a hanger, or we can laser engrave it.

Bespoke Wooden Coat Hangers UK

Laser Etching on Wooden Hangers 'Too Hot To Stay Hanging'

Laser Etched Wooden Coat Hangers

Lasered Branding on Wood Hangers

Laser engraving a wooden coat hanger

Our UK branded hangers are the perfect way to implement your brand into your shop. It is a fantastic way to stick out from your competitors and also to bring your trademark into the customer’s home. Custom coat hangers can be extremely effective in making a long-lasting impression. Also excellent for hotels, schools, colleges, universities, offices, bars, restaurants and more, these wooden hangers are functional, stylish and they engrave beautifully. Each hanger is designed for each individual customer making it completely personalised and unique to them.

Ink or etched? Here's why you should be etching into your coat/clothes hangers

For those customers looking for an alternative to printed hangers then laser engraved hangers could be a perfect display solution for you. Bespoke hangers typically consist of an ink print whether this is applied directly on the hanger or our personalised hangers in the form of vinyl stickers. However for those retailers looking for something different, creating a different effect with their clothes hangers then laser engraved hangers could be a great alternative. You are also confident in the knowledge that these will last - we guarantee that! Ink can deteriorate over time, they can also fall victim of being in the wrong pair of hands should anyone want to damage the branding in contrast our laser will work hard embossing directly into the surface wood of the hanger and any chance of damage is significantly reduced. Your engraved coat hangers will always look good as new!

Laser Engraved Hangers

Bespoke Hangers

The process: etching logos to create laser engraved hangers

Custom Clothes Hangers

Our state of the art laser machine can be used for the engraving and cutting of a vast range of materials, including wooden coat hangers. Any design, image or text can be cut into the surface of material including photographic images. These can be engraved to varying depth to give an embossed effect, providing you with a unique finish to your display. Burnt right into the wood, no paint is used in our hangers. There will be variations in wood and wood grain - please don't expect all pieces to be exactly identical.

Custom Wooden Coat Hangers

Bespoke Wooden Clothes Hangers

Engrave Coat Hangers

Branded Hangers With Laser Engrave Logo

Laser Etched Clothes Hangers

Engraved Wooden Coat/Clothes Hangers

Logo on Hangers

Personalised Coat Hangers

Examples of our laser engraved wooden hangers

Some retail customers of ours tend to give the branded hanger to their customers after a sale and some keep the hangers in their retail store. If you feel an ink print hanger is not for you then a laser engraved hanger option may be the perfect custom hangers for you. Laser etched logos into the wooden or plastic hanger creating a display full of impact on your consumer's eyes as you can see from the hangers we have already produced.
Humdrum Laser Engraved Branded Hangers
Laser Engraved Custom Hangers UK

Laser Bespoke Coat Hangers

Bespoke Hangers UK
Bespoke Hangers Laser Engraved

Laser Etched Coathangers - Art Gallery Clothing

Laser Engraved Coat Hanger - Art Gallery Clothing

Laser Engraved Coat Hangers

The benefits of having custom printed and laser engraved hangers in retail

Superb marketing tool - reminds customers of your logo, brand and company. Will remind customers where they made a particular purchase for example if a suit was in your wardrobe on the original hanger and you needed a further purchase the hanger would be a great marketing tool so it potentially can up sell and your customers may go back to the store if their experience of the retail store was a good one.

Highly visible - up to four colour hanger print. Will stand out from the crowd than normal unbranded retail hangers. Whether you are looking to use your company logo or brand - Valentino's Displays can produce up to a four colour ink print on your wooden or plastic hangers. You may decide you would rather have your hangers laser engraved. This again is no problem and creates a different type of impression, the images on this page show our recent projects involving ink print and laser engraved coat hangers in a retail environment.

Lasting impression on customers
Effective way to visually merchandise your product

No minimum order quantity - however, please check our website as some hangers we sell by the box quantity so in some cases this can be 50 or 100 hangers.

Long lasting - your hangers will last years, the standard of our work is second to none and you will be impressed with the service and quality of our hangers and printing.

Superb prices - please send us your logo by email to; so we can quote you on ordering bespoke custom personalised hangers branded to your specifications. Feel free to call us on 01489 808007 to discuss further.

Testimonials: What our clients say about our custom hangers

Don’t just take our opinion on our custom hangers, read what our customers say about the service they've received;
"Dear Antonio, Thank you very much for the hangers - very pleased with the way they have come out, and the speed in which they arrived. I have done ‘our test’ of trying to pull the hook out of the hanger and rubbing the logo off – both with no success. Talk to you in a few months time. Kind regards" - Ascot The Tailors

" I love them !!! " - Hatipoglu Bespoke

"I have now received the hangers, thank you very much for getting them to me promptly. We will be taking them first thing tomorrow to John Lewis, Oxford Street in time for the press launch party of the new book written by our CEO Safia Minney. I am really happy with the service you have provided and will be happy to answer a questionnaire if you have one? Thank you very much " - People Tree

"Have picked up the hangers and we’re really pleased with them, they look great, we were worried that the colour wouldn’t be bold enough but you’ve got it just right. Thanks very much!" - Wild and Gorgeous

"Hi Antonio, We have received the hangers and we're very happy with the quality and the way they've come out. Excellent job, thank you and all the best". - Humdrum Appare

Etch a logo with our custom laser engraving service today!

We would be more than happy to supply client's details to any potential customer looking for printed hangers on the approval and acknowledgement of our existing clients to speak directly about the quality of our work and service received from us at Valentino's Displays. We will seek permission from our clients prior to passing out their contact details if you are in any doubt at all.