Exclusive product – Male UK sports running mannequin

Today we added our first video to our website. Our video is a product showcase video for our latestsports mannequins. We are the only shop fitting supplier in the UK that is offering these headless running sports mannequins. They are available in a range of colours and are made to order. The video can be seenhere. These mannequins are made from fiberglass and are retail-quality display window pieces.

You probably are thinking lots of other suppliers offer running sports mannequins, which is true. However, none of them offer headless running mannequins. Big deal I hear you say, well here are a few reasons:

  1. Keep the focus on your products rather than the mannequin
  2. Never out of fashion – mannequins with sculptured hair often look dated due to changes in hairstyle fashion.
  3. Less height space required – As they have no heads they are not as tall and therefore require less room to stand.

Also with Valentino’s Displays, you are not limited to what you are able to purchase. Many companies will offer you an item in matt white and that will be it. This is where we are different and as part of our unique selling point, we want you to order what you wish this means you choose the style, position, and colour!

You will see the videos offer close-up shots of the products and their features. We would appreciate any feedback on the videos and our products. Please feel free to comment below the blog post.

If there are any othershop display equipmentrequirements that you can’t find on our site please do not hesitate to contact us the website is constantly updated with new products daily being added to our range.

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