Printed hangers with logo at Valentino’s Displays


Valentino’s Displays has been hit with popular demand for its retail wooden hangers personalisation.

Valentino’s Displays offers various methods when it comes to branding their hangers. Customisation comes in various forms. One method is pad printing directly to the surface of the hanger. Another method is attaching vinyl stickers which are our cheapest form of branding. An alternative method is laser engraving your logo into the surface. There are no minimum quantities for printed hangers. We offer an extensive range of clothes hangers to suit all tastes.

Our customers realise that it adds professionalism to their company. Consequently, enhancing its brand image throughout the store. It also gives the clients of our customers the chance to remember where they purchased an item because of the hanger or experience they received.

Additionally, many companies brand their company logo to enhance their brand identity. If branded hangers are not required then we are able to supply a wide range of standard coat hangers to suit all budgets. If there is a hanger that you cannot find please get in contact as we are likely to be able to help you. We are currently updating our website and not all our products are online yet.

Printed hangers with logo at Valentino's Displays

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