Bespoke hangers for bespoke tailors – Harris and Howard


Valentino’s Displays Ltd recently produced custom coat hangers for a bespoke UK tailoring company – Harris and Howard Bespoke.

Harris and Howard Bespoke

Harris and Howard Bespoke specialise in the creation of custom clothing to suit your unique lifestyle, your tastes, and status. Their tailors are experts in assessing clothing needs. They advise on the simple provision of a beautifully made suit. They’ll also work with you to create an entire wardrobe of bespoke garments. Furthermore, matching your business and leisure activities at home and abroad.

For this personalised custom hanger project, we printed the Harris and Howard corporate logo on approximately 1000 wooden coat hangers. The hangers varied between suit hangers designed for jackets and wishbone style hangers for trouser wear. Consequently covering the full collection on show from our client.

Take a look at some of the images below or take a peek at our Harris and Howard Bespoke case study. Our custom-printed wood hangers page is accessible for those looking to find out the various ways we brand a logo onto the surface of a coathanger. Contact Valentino’s Displays today!

Printed Coat Hangers UK for Harris and Howard Bespoke

Harris and Howard Bespoke shop front

Harris and Howard Bespoke

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