How mannequins boost retail turnover


Have you ever gone clothes shopping and found yourself standing in the middle of a store in utter confusion? What the hell should I buy? Everything looks nice!

I’ve done it. I’m sure all of us have.

The huge selection makes for a difficult time deciding what shirts go with what ties. What jumpers go with what trousers? So I often look for inspiration throughout the stores – usually by checking out the stylish shop mannequins or tailors dummies.

I am beginning to see a trend. The rails on the mannequins are usually sold out. And not just one or two items. Almost every time I see a well-dressed mannequin in a store, all of the pieces are unavailable.

So what does this tell us?

Maybe this is why large retail stores have many mannequins out on display. They realise that with their garments on a mannequin or a clothes rail, they are noticed by the public in full view and thus greatly increasing their chances of selling their products.

It would be good to understand the customer’s views on mannequins and how clothes are displayed and merchandised in stores. How many times does this create impulse buys?

Are we pressured into buying? Whether within the retail store or externally.

If you have any comments it would be good to hear from you on this.

How mannequins boost retail clothing stores turnover

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