Innovative shop displays to beat the January blues


After the December rush and post-Christmas sales, January can be bleak for shoppers and businesses alike. As people are patiently waiting for payday to come, shops must do all they can to entice customers. However, before the shoppers part with their cash, they need to be tempted to go into your store. So, what is the best visual merchandising to attract customers and beat the January blues?

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Innovative visual merchandising ideas for January

1. Remove all holiday displays

Before you create a brand-new theme on your shop display stands, it is wise to get rid of all traces of the last season. From festive signs or the evidence of glitter, now the holidays are over, it is the last thing shoppers want to see. It will also make your shop display seem outdated, rather than fresh and exciting.

2. Creative theming

Have you got a new range of products that deserve focus? Be creative and work out how they can tie into a story. Don’t be afraid to add props to your shop display to help tell the story. Your shop window does not have to be crammed full of items you sell. By utilising a few key products tied together with a theme, you are more likely to attract attention.

3. Bring a theme from the outside in

Your shop window is not your only way to attract attention. When planning your next display, ask yourself what is visual merchandising to you? Visual merchandising is simply the displays and floor plans that drive sales. With this in mind, consider how you can carry your creative theming across the whole shop. Consider aspects such as;

  • A feature or A-board outside
  • Matching colours in the window and the shop
  • A focal point within your retail space
  • A product displayed in-store as it is presented in the window
  • Powerful signage or graphics

The January blues can affect us all, the month itself can lead to mood disorders.

4. Offer escapism

To help reduce the gloom, use your shop displays to invoke happiness and escapism. Whether it is a warming scene of a cosy fire, to bright, sunny colours that pull us into spring. Use your products and your brand style to uplift the mood.

It is the perfect time to have fun with your shop window. Remember, to your customers, your positive shop window instinctively shows shoppers the advantages of buying your products. By telling a story of happiness, you invite customers to share this happiness and can significantly influence their buying decision.

5. Use lighting

January still means short days and overcast weather. With this in mind, it is essential to consider how well your products are lit to compensate for the dark skies outside. If you want to give a bright, fresh experience, you will need to have compelling lighting. If you opt for a cosy glow, you may consider coloured light to achieve the desired effect.

Make sure to create your displays using light. Without considering lighting beforehand, you may create unsightly shadows that can ruin your display. Try to use the lighting to highlight the features of your products rather than a single overhead light.

Time to refresh your visual merchandising?

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