How to spring clean your shop display stands


While running your retail business can be extremely rewarding, some tasks seem daunting and unpleasant. One of these unpleasant retail tasks is spring cleaning. While you might ensure that the floor is cleaned every day due to the footfall and tidy the shop display stands, racks and shelves, dust will begin to accumulate, and grime will start to settle. Before you know it, your sparkling shop becomes dull and drab.

As spring is nearly upon us, a spring clean makes perfect sense to awaken your shop to the fresh, bright days that are coming and give your retail business its sparkling shine once again. So how can you give your store a complete spring clean which provides your customers with a better impression and reduces your daily cleaning workload?

The best ways to clean your shop display stands and store

1. Get rid of old visual merchandise equipment

Often businesses will hang on to old retail display equipment in the hope that it might come in handy again. The truth is, it becomes another aspect of clutter in your stock room that becomes damaged and dirty. A good rule is that if you have not used it in one year, you probably will not use it again.

As shops continuously improve their visual merchandising to attract customers, old, outdated and shabby equipment should not be used. Clear out any lingering display units to make way for fresh visual merchandising equipment that works. Not only have you made space in the stock room, but you also have one less thing to clean.

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2. Focus on windows

While you may have a regular window cleaner for the outside of your shop, when you have a window display, you often do not want to ruin it by going in the clean it. However, to make sure customers can see your wonderful presentation, you need to make sure your windows stay clean.

Invest in the tools you need, such as a squeegee-wide bucket, squeegee and mop and a microfibre cloth and give the window a thorough clean every time you change window displays. For ongoing cleaning use a small cordless window steam cleaner which you should be able to use even with a full window display. Unlike using a glass cleaner and cloth, the steam cleaner will not leave smudges.

3. Don’t forget lights

One aspect of your shop display that is often missed is the light fittings, a key part of helping you sell. Did you know that cleaning light bulbs can make your shop up to 20% brighter? To ensure your shop displays are well illuminated, you should focus on cleaning your bulbs and fittings.

Before starting, make sure all lights are off and are cool. Turning them off at the circuit breaker may be wise to prevent anyone else from turning them on while you are cleaning. Clean bulbs carefully with a microfibre cloth avoiding touching them with your fingers as the oil on your hands can damage the bulb. For light covers, remove and soak in soapy liquid and for pendant lights, use a damp cloth with a detergent to run over the fittings.

If you are cleaning lights overhead, then it is best to wear goggles to ensure dust and debris do not fall into your eyes.


A retail scent machine or diffuser is ideal for keeping your shop smelling clean and fresh. Did you know that vanilla, lavender and citrus scents will encourage people to buy more? 

Good luck with your spring clean and if your visual merchandising needs an overhaul, then get in touch where we can provide you with brand-new equipment to keep your shop sparkling clean.

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