Traditional vs. digital displays – tracking customer behaviour with digital signage


Retail display experts in the UK are always planning out new ideas based on cutting edge technology, as increasing competition makes it necessary to think beyond clothes rails, hangers and standard shop fittings. Samsung is making an effort to show how advanced digital displays can benefit retailers, offering retailers the opportunity to monitor the behaviour of their customers. It would all be made possible with in-store digital signage that connects with customers’ smartphones over Wi-Fi.

Walkbase technology

The global electronics giant has recently entered into a partnership with Walkbase, a provider of in-store analytics. Customer behaviour will be monitored using in-store screens, which function as large digital poster frames. They display adverts as customers enter a shop, for example, track the number of impressions the ad has and then record the paths that customers take. Following their journey from arrival through making purchase decisions gives retailers a detailed insight into how effective their marketing campaigns and store layouts really are.

It was revealed that Topshop is already using this technology and that several other major food and retailer brands are also interested. Discussions are said to be underway for many big players on the high street, as most retailers would love to have a better understanding of why people behave the way they do when they enter a shop. It’s all intended to provide the best possible experience for all customers, and this, in turn, should boost profits and longevity for the stores.

Out of reach for smaller retailers?

It must be noted that this technology might already be available, but the truth is that it’s still not yet within reach of the smaller retailers. However, it is important to know about the implications here for traditional displays and how they can still be effective. It’s not necessary to deal with aggregated data and process it with costly electronic systems when your retail environment is smaller and more manageable. We already know that technology is always advancing, but the key point here is not about investing in fancy gadgets for the sake of it. The goal of the larger retailers here is to analyse consumer behaviour in more and more detail, so if you’re willing to invest time and effort into your visual merchandising you can get on board with this too.

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