Trick or treat?


It’s Halloween next Friday and with an estimated 60% of families in the UK getting involved in Halloween this year, the expectation for retailers to meet consumer demand is high.

The Halloween market is expected to be worth over £240 million to UK retailers, so it isn’t surprising that the leading supermarkets are ramping up their investment in the event and scaling the size of their visual merchandising.

With just over a week to go until Hallows’ Eve supermarket aisles are being dedicated to special Halloween related products, with sweets and confectionery being worth £54 million to the market respectively and costumes worth £64 million. Events like Halloween allows the leading supermarkets and big players in the retail industry to take advantage of their larger visual merchandising space to inspire shoppers to make a purchase and get them excited.

Advanced planning, special offers and discount vouchers will no doubt encourage consumer confidence and spending, with some consumers have already purchased their decorations, confectionery, food and costumes for next Friday. Based on figures and statistics it appears that Halloween is longer a child-focused event for trick or treating, it’s largely been adopted by adults who use the occasion to throw parties and dress up. Based on this it looks like Halloween might boost retailer profits after disappointing September sales. Happy Halloween.

What is your store doing for Halloween this year? Do you have a visual merchandising display, if so we would love to see it? Send us your pictures on Twitter @vdisplays or on Facebook

Halloween - Trick or Treat?

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