Supporting local businesses


Valentino’s Displays has been continuing its work supporting local companies with display equipment, shop fittings, and advice in creating the right window display. In the past few weeks, we have helped a local company that supplies prom dresses and outfits with various packages for the big occasion.

  • Beautiful dresses available for hire from prom to black-tie functions
  • An extensive collection of dresses for any occasion
  • All sizes catered for
  • By appointment only as the time is exclusive to you

A typical prom package includes:

  • Dress
  • Diamante Tiara or Hair Accessory
  • Diamante Bracelet
  • Diamante Shoes
  • Clutch Bag
  • Full set of acrylics – natural, French, or glitter
  • Toes Painted – French or colour
  • Pack of lashes or lip gloss

We have supplied the local company shop fittings in the form of clothes rails which the client opted for height extensions to make maximum use of the room but also because the style of some dresses are long height was important. The client has used these clothes rails throughout the room to ensure she has enough hanging space for her garments.

We also supplied black satin padded hangers so that the dresses could be displayed. We believe the garments look fantastic and create an impact on the eye with better-looking hangers, it also gives the impression of a sense of professionalism from that company.

To create the visual merchandising window display the client also purchased a female dressmakers mannequin again in black so rather than just having the dresses on a clothes rail where unless you pull one off the rail you won’t be able to look properly she wanted to have one on display at all times and we must say it looks fabulous. It certainly is the piece of kit that stands out when you first enter the room.

If you are interested in any further details or wish to leave us any feedback it will be much appreciated, we appreciate any comments we receive.

Supporting local businesses

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