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Are you ready to go and hurl yourself into the world of retail? You might have your own retail store or it might be a pop-up shop, but the bottom line is that you need to make your retail space sell for you.

You do it through visual merchandising.

Visual merchandising can be described as both a science and an art. Some might find it a little daunting because it seems to require a person to be a little more artistic and creative.

Not everyone is good when it comes to art and style. So the challenge is how to make your retail space look good enough to lure customers and convince them to buy your products or try your services.

Good thing for you that visual merchandising is a proven method that leads to real results. Just remember that it also involves plenty of different retail design topics such as the look of your signage to the creation of your window display and much more.

This post will give you a few useful tips on how you can start creating store designs that are equipped with high converting displays. It’s meant to not just make customers notice, but to make them buy. Valentino’s Displays Tips are:

  • Start With Your Customer In Mind

Know your target customer so that you can come up with merchandising displays that yield positive results. Learn about their behaviour and lifestyle.

  • Be Inspired

It is much easier to find ideas and inspiration today because of the Internet. Check out blogs, boards, and other sources available on the Web.

  • Create a Multi-Sensory Experience

Be aware that you just don’t have to focus on the visual stimulation of your potential customers. You really need to provide a multi-sensory experience or what’s known as “sensory branding”.

  • Show, Don’t Tell

Make sure that you help your customers visualize what it would be like for them to use and wear your products or have it in your homes. Have your employees wear your products or arrange for it to be displayed in a setting that’s similar to a home.

  • Group Similar Products Together

This is like creating categories for your items, which saves on the amount of time and effort that customers spend in looking up your products.

  • Remember the Rule of Three

You’d want your items displayed in groups of threes because our eyes usually stop to look at something that’s arranged in a symmetrical manner.

  • Make Use of Proper Lighting

Use proper lighting to dictate and alter the moods of your clients. Change up their emotions depending on the kind of lighting you use. You can also use lighting to highlight certain products and make people notice them.

Creating Store Designs With High-Converting Displays

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