Where to buy mannequin heads online?


Are you wondering where to buy mannequin heads online? The most obvious answer is, of course, here at Valentino’s Displays. But it may not be as simple as that. Despite our incredible range of high-quality mannequin parts, your retailer of choice might depend on what you need your mannequin head for or how you intend to use it.

Possible Uses for Your Mannequin Head

Mannequin heads have a range of uses throughout different industries. These include:

  • Retail: Display heads are ideal for showcasing accessories such as scarves, glasses, and hats. Made to create an attractive merchandising display, these heads help to boost sales by showing how items might look when worn.
  • Hairdressing: There is nothing better to practice styling on than a mannequin head. Many head forms can be purchased with hair for an all-in-one solution. However, you can also place wigs on hairless mannequins and style a range of different hair types
  • Art: A good artist always needs to know where to buy mannequin heads. Nothing sits stiller than a fake head, making it perfect for artists trying to capture a certain look without having to deal with a fidgeting or irritable human. If the artist is just trying to get the shape of the head right, a display form can be an extremely useful tool.
  • Milliner’s Tool: Is there any better way to display hats or test them out for size than on a mannequin? The head is much more space efficient than a whole full-body mannequin and provides the perfect spot to place new styles.
  • Decorative Item: Some mannequin heads can be quite beautiful, making a wonderful ornament for your home or business! You can even use them as storage for jewellery, glasses, scarves, wigs, or hats!

Once you have decided on your purpose, you can think about what kind of mannequin head you might want.

Types of Mannequin Head

With such a wide array of possible uses, it might not come as a surprise to learn that there are lots of different mannequin heads on the market. And which one you want will determine where to buy mannequin heads.

In fact, we have a huge range here at Valentino’s Displays. Here are some of the mannequin head types that we offer:

  • Glass Heads: Offering a super-stylish option for retail environments with a finger on the pulse of fashion, glass heads provide a versatile aesthetic. Our unisex clear glass heads are a popular choice, ideal for most merchandising situations. Because they are gender-free and colourless, they complement any style that you are trying to promote. But if you are wondering where to buy mannequin heads with a little more edge, you might prefer our range of glass skull heads. These come in a variety of colours and will add a gothic energy to your store design.

Our glass heads are incredibly high quality and offer an eco-friendly option that is appealing to stores promoting their sustainable approach to fashion. Glass can be recycled over and over, helping to contribute to a circular consumer style. Just make sure to recycle them if you ever run out of use for them.

  • Polystyrene Heads: These are some of the cheaper options, ideal for budget fashion stores or anyone just starting on their retail journey. While these mannequin heads might be low-cost, they are still high-quality and offer a stylish aesthetic. There is also a wide selection, with male and female mannequin heads, as well as child heads and unisex options. You can also get polystyrene heads with swan necks, which are excellent for displaying multiple necklaces, scarves, or ties.

These heads are also ideal for wigs or anything you need to keep still on the head, as you can push pins into the material without damaging it.

  • Fibreglass Heads: Everyone wants to know where to buy mannequin heads made of fibreglass! These realistic designs are so believable that you might find yourself trying to have a conversation with one! The nature of this material means it is easy to mould so that you can create human features on the face. This makes it more relatable to retail customers but also provides a blank model for artists.

Fibreglass is extremely lightweight and durable, making it ideal for areas of high traffic or situations where you might want to move it around a lot. These mannequins come in male, female, and child designs. Some have shoulders, and some even have moulded hair. You can choose fibreglass mannequins that have a natural skin tone or ones that are white.  And, if you really want, you can have a stylish form with no realistic features if that sits better with your perceived design.

  • Plastic Heads: Our plastic mannequin heads offer something quite unique in the way of physical features. While we have plastic mannequin display heads with some clear physical characteristics, we also have ones with no features at all – not even a proper face structure! If you want to merchandise your garments without the distraction of a face and in a way that makes your store stand out, these ones might be perfect.

Plastic offers a cheap and durable option that is attractive to many retail outlets and anyone else who might need a mannequin head. And Valentino’s is where you buy mannequin heads made from plastic!

  • Wooden Heads: Wooden mannequin heads are quite possibly the most elegant choice. With a natural wood colour finish, these are the most expensive mannequin heads for a reason. They will last forever while providing a gorgeous aesthetic to any project. Wooden mannequin heads don’t have facial features, but they are strong, robust, and heavy. This makes them perfect for displaying heavier helmets or items and ensures a permanent exhibit in your home or business.

How Much Do Mannequin Heads Cost

For things like this, you know the more you spend, the higher quality your products will be. And where to buy mannequin heads will also affect the price. We work hard to bring your cost down as much as possible so that you are paying only what is necessary.

Our polystyrene heads start at £6.95 + VAT, while our wooden heads are around £199.95 + VAT. We then offer display forms at prices anywhere in between so that there is something to fit your budget. Buy more than two wooden heads or 20 polystyrene heads, and the cost comes down thanks to our bulk discount, making it more affordable to buy several heads for your retail space. The bulk discounts are different for every item, so make sure to check on the product page.

Of course, if you shop around, you might find even cheaper mannequin heads or more expensive ones. But that doesn’t guarantee the quality and style of anything you buy from our store.

Should You Buy Instore or Online?

There is a reason that physical stores still exist. Being able to see items in real life means that you know exactly what you are getting before you buy them. You can pick things up and envisage how they might look in your home or business.

Valentino’s Displays does have a physical location in Hampshire, but as a UK-wide wholesale store, we know our online presence is vital. That is why, when you decide where to buy mannequin heads, you’ll find clear photos that provide an honest representation of our items. And, if you are unsure about anything, we are always keen to help so that you get the very best atmosphere online as you do in-store. It’s the next best thing!

Another huge bonus of ordering from Valentino’s Displays is our 14-day no-quibble money-back guarantee. This gives you peace of mind when ordering online that you are buying without risk. If you receive an item and it isn’t as perfect as you had hoped, simply send it back for a full refund. When paired with being able to shop in your pyjamas, this makes buying online an even better experience than buying in-store.

Which Leaves the Question: Where to Buy Mannequin Heads?

Of course, we all know there is only one answer to that question in our eyes! Valentino’s Displays has everything you could possibly need. And if you require something we don’t already show on our website, we can source it or make it for you! What do you think of that for customer service?

There are obviously many other manufacturers and suppliers around, and some of these are amazing too. But you only have to look at our reviews to know that we are your number one supplier for mannequin heads and any other retail equipment you might need.

When it comes to reviewing sites, Trust Pilot is considered one of the best. At the time of writing, we had three five-star reviews praising our excellent customer service and high-quality products. We also have the Ekomi Gold Seal of Approval and excellent reviews on any other review site you might find us on.

Some things our customers have mentioned about us include:

  • Our incredible owner, Antonio: Our customers love that Antonio is involved in every part of the business, but especially in making sure your orders are perfect. He responds to customer enquiries as quickly as he can and is so helpful when it comes to making purchase decisions. He has been in this industry for quite some time, so he is a fountain of knowledge for retail owners.
  • Our high-quality products: Therefore Valentino’s is where to buy mannequin heads. The success of our business is heavily reliant on your success, so it would be of no benefit to us to supply sub-standard products that don’t serve your business properly. That is why we only sell products that we know will stand the test of time in busy retail environments.
  • Fast and free delivery: Spend over £100, and we will deliver your products for free in a reasonable time frame. That means you can get on with all your business admin without having to wait for weeks for your order to arrive.

Where Do We Get Our Mannequin Heads?

As a stockiest of high-quality products, it is essential to be transparent in our process. We have a global supply network of trusted mannequin head manufacturers, allowing us to source items that cannot be found elsewhere in the UK.

So, if you want to know where to buy mannequin heads, we save you time scouring the world by bringing the best quality items into one convenient place. And, because we have links with so many international businesses, if you can’t find what you need, we almost certainly can! Just ask us for help!

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You to Our Store!

Now that we’ve answered the important question of where to buy mannequin heads, we think you can agree there is only one online shop that has you covered when it comes to your display forms. At Valentino’s Displays, we love to hear from customers, new and old. So, if you have a particular type of mannequin head in mind or you need some help choosing the best one, we are at the end of the phone or email to lend you our expert knowledge.

Give us a call at 01489 808007 or send us a message at info@valentinosdisplays.com, and we will get you set up with the perfect mannequin heads for your needs. And while you’re here, why not look at all our other retail supplies? We stock only the best retail items that will help grow your business so you can have a successful shop.

And now you know where to buy mannequin heads! See you soon!

where to buy mannequin heads

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