Why you should use realistic female mannequins for your clothes


With so many mannequin options to choose from, you might be wondering what the benefit of using a realistic female mannequin is. Why not use a headless mannequin, an articulated mannequin, or just no mannequin at all? The honest answer is, in the right situation, this kind of realistic mannequin will be invaluable to your business, boosting sales and contributing to your overall store aesthetic. If you are a woman’s clothes retailer and you want your clothes to be flying off the rails, you need one of these mannequins.

How Do Mannequins Work?

Imagine walking into a shop with no mannequins. Instead, you see just rails and rails of clothing. They might be beautifully hung, colour coordinated, or in groups of types of items, but the only way to really know what is in there is to browse.

Some customers love this and will happily sift through the rails until they find something special. Other customers don’t have the time and just popped in to see if you had a top they could wear to work as they were already passing. Placing your star items on a realistic female mannequin takes out much of the effort of browsing your store, especially if you place those items on their own rail nearby so customers can easily find them.

According to Retail Dive, they do this and so much more! “That’s because mannequins attract attention. They give customers visual clues as to what is stylish, they quickly show how an outfit can be put together and, at times, help shoppers discern how apparel will fit without the need to go into a dressing room.”

The website goes on to say that realistic female mannequins are vital to show customers that they are welcome in their store. Your mannequins should offer a diverse image, with different skin tones, shapes, and sizes to make for an inclusive atmosphere. They bring personality to your offering, taking you from a boring retail space to one that is inviting and charming.

Which Stores Use Realistic Female Mannequins?

This kind of display item is most commonly found in high-end boutiques and designer stores. They promote the idea that only the best is good enough for their customers because they have gone to the effort of purchasing mannequins with realistic features. The facial detail means customers are looking at a model that is similar to them and one they can relate to, and this makes for a comforting atmosphere and a feeling that the clothes in that store might look good on them too.

If your fashion store focuses on quality clothing at a lower price point, however, you can still benefit from using realistic female mannequins. While these mannequins do tend to be more expensive than other ones, we have some great quality, low-cost versions at Valentino’s Displays. Once you have installed one or two in your shop, they will quickly make themselves a worthwhile investment. If you are opening a new store in an area of high competition, it might be a great way to stand out.

Choose Mannequins That Reflect Your Audience

As already mentioned, the best mannequins reflect the customer, so they see themselves in the image of your models. Since your customers come in all shapes and sizes, so should your realistic female mannequins. Have a plus-size mannequin alongside a thinner model in the same outfit to show how it will look on both shapes. Skirts and dresses can be displayed on tall and short mannequins, so your customers can see where the hem will fall, no matter how long their legs are.

Don’t limit yourself to a certain skin tone either. The more representative you can be of your audience, the more clothes you will sell. If you choose a realistic female mannequin with hair, or you decide to add a wig, try to get a range of hair colours and styles just to make sure there is enough variation in your display to attract everybody.

Long gone are the days of unrealistically slim white mannequins. All they did was promote an unhealthy body image without showing customers how the clothes might look on a real person. They also turned lots of customers off, who would think that they’d never find anything in the shop to fit them, so they wouldn’t bother looking. Realistic mannequins are inviting to everyone and allow those shoppers in a hurry to make a purchase decision without trying the garment on. This reduces the likelihood of returns and increases your profit margin.

At the same time, those hurried customers are more likely to have an item that fits them well. Since every wear of one of your items is a free advertising opportunity, it is in your interests to ensure your customers look good. Realistic female mannequins really are one of the best merchandising tools you can buy for your business.

Get Ahead of the Competition With A Mannequin Realistic Female

A mannequin is a tool you can’t afford to have. With more and more clothing retail empires using them as part of their marketing, you will be left behind if you don’t have at least one or two in your store.

The fashion industry is incredibly competitive and dominated by big brand names. If you want to have an impact as a small business, a realistic female mannequin is one of the first things you should purchase. Show your customers that you mean business, so they know you have a chance of lasting alongside those bigger names.

Is A Realistic Female Mannequin A Better Story Teller?

One thing that you can do to entertain and encourage customers to visit your store is to tell a story with your mannequins. Modern Retail suggests that this is a great way to get the most out of your mannequins.

A mannequin with realistic facial features is always more believable in any situation than one without. The website suggests creating a beach theme, with bikinis, sunhats, beach towels, and maybe a prop or two cleverly arranged to make it look as though your mannequins are having a great time by the sea.

If your latest range is evening wear, why not create a pretend bar or disco? This allows your customers to envisage the result before they have tried the item on. And at Christmas, if your window display isn’t telling some heartwarming story of a gathering around a Christmas tree, with presents and festive decorations, then you will be lagging behind your competitors. Get your realistic female mannequins wearing pyjamas with slippers and a mug of hot chocolate, or kit them out in sportswear with a football or a tennis racquet. To really maximise the results of these stories, you should change them regularly so that customers visit just to find out the next part of your mannequin tale.

What Kind of Mannequins Can You Find at Valentino’s Displays?

We pride ourselves on offering a wide and diverse range of retail products, and our mannequin selection is no exception! Our online realistic female mannequin selection features our beautiful character in a variety of poses, including one sitting down, showing how the clothes fall at different angles so your customers can get the best feel for an item without trying it on. You’ll find them in a variety of colours with an average body shape.

We also have plus-size mannequins with realistic facial features and realistic mannequins for men and children. Our extensive range covers many bases, but if there is something you need that you can’t find on our online shop, we would be happy to make it or source it for you. The mannequin world is your oyster and they’re far cheaper at Valentino’s!

Need a Realistic Female Mannequin? Contact Us Today!

We are always at the end of the phone or by our email inbox waiting to hear from our customers. You can get in touch to ask about our product range and stock levels or with questions about the things that you want to buy. Need something different to what you can see in our shop? That’s what we are here for!

There are many other benefits to shopping with Valentino’s. As well as great realistic female mannequins, you’ll find:

  • A dedicated customer service team
  • Fantastic prices on all our realistic mannequins for sale
  • A wide range of retail products all designed to improve your business
  • Well-made items that will last

We also offer free delivery over £100, wholesale discounts, and a 14-day money-back guarantee. There are no risks to buying with us, so purchase your realistic female mannequins today!

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