The reasons why clothes rails are indispensable


Clothes rails are available in different colours and styles and are often give precedence to the traditional wardrobe due to the big difference in price. While clothing rails are often known for their economic benefits, the rise in fashion for this type of furniture means they are now considered as an exceptional stylish addition to your room.

Clothes rails are the ideal choice for people who need more flexibility from their furniture because of the moving house with certain frequency because they can transfer to a new home and need to complement most of the rooms.

Here are the reasons why clothes rails are indispensable:

1. Easy to assemble with a push-pin system – no tools required

2. UK Patented click-lock design on our 5ft & 6ft rails in black or white

3. High load capacity heavy duty options

4. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

5. Create a bespoke rail to suit your needs with add on components such as extension bars

6. Compatible accessories available including rail covers

Choose the right clothes rails

When choosing clothes rails, it’s important to think about how they will fit into the store and ensure to leave enough space for guests to move around. You don’t want your clients and staff to navigate an assault course – try to maintain a clean and logical layout that matches the overall flow of your product ranges and make it possible for a customer to find a specific item.

For a closer layout in the store, you may find that wall mounted clothes rails are the best, although you should be careful to ensure that you don’t place the clothes out of the reach of customers. Consider putting smaller sized items lower and larger items higher.

A larger store can accommodate free standing clothes rails, such spiral dress rails that allow you to use your space effectively. You can also put these clothes rails in a prominent place – perhaps at the door of your store – to draw attention to particular clothes or new collections.

There are also some multi-arm clothes rails that are perfect in a large space as you can show off items of clothing on four sides. They have proved to be a popular choice for large scale stores and a common sight on the streets.

A portable or mobile children’s clothes rail is a useful addition to any store. Temporary displays during the sales period and your shop changing rooms will benefit from the portability and manoeuvrability that these rails provide.

The finishing touches for your clothes rails:

Once you have the room fitting set up, including your clothes rails and your clothes hangers, it’s time to add clothes and make any final adjustments to your study display. To make sure your clothing on each rail is kept in impeccable condition, Valentino’s Displays advises fashion retailers to invest in clothes steamer.

The steamer will make not only sure your clothes are wrinkle and crease-free but also fresh and clean, without the need to take the clothing off the clothes rails. It saves time and ensures that the products themselves match the high quality of the displays they are being used on.

Encouraging workers to take the time each evening to steam clothes and check the stock on the clothes rails means they will be able to spot any damaged items that may need attention.

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