Engraved Coat Hangers for People Tree

People Tree

Here at Valentino’s Displays, we have been creating branded wooden hanger products for many years. However, we thought our hangers would look really eye-catching if they could have the company logo actually etched into the wood, so we set out to produce a mock up to see how the process would work.

Our client

Unlike other fashion brands, People Tree has been created to step away from sweat shops and exploitative processes. The company focusses on products which are Fair Trade, and which make use of natural products wherever possible. They take pride in being ethical, sustainable and fair, and this is reflected in all the products they offer for sale.

Our customer’s goal

We chose People Tree to be our guinea pig for our engraved coat hanger experiment, because we believe in their ethics as a company and wanted to see how much further we could go for them. We had already supplied People Tree with custom hangers with logo printing, so we used the same logo to trial this new concept.

Our approach

We wanted to expand our offerings, and thought that being able to supply engraved wooden hangers UK wide would give our customers more choice and value from our services. We set out to create our first etched personalised wood hanger, using the People Tree logo.

We adopted a light engraved approach, setting up our engraving equipment to work on one of our blank personalised wooden hangers. We were excited to see how our first foray into engraved coat hanger products would go.

The end results

As you’ll see in the photos, our endeavour was a great success. We think that custom hangers with logo etching look amazing, and it gives you another option to consider if you are looking to buy bespoke coat hangers for your business. We are proud to now offer etched hangers for sale to all our customers, and invite you to talk to us about your options.

When it comes to creating a bespoke hanger UK businesses can trust Valentino’s to do an amazing job. Take a look at our other testimonials and case studies to see what we’ve done for other people, and to help inspire your next project with us. We know that ‘off the shelf’ doesn’t fit well with your unique business, so get creative and we’ll make your vision a reality.