1288mm x 940mm (Portrait) Grippit Post Frame 99055
1288mm x 940mm (Portrait) Grippit Post Frame99055
£1,089.95 +VAT
646mm x 480mm (Portrait) Grippit Post Frame 99056
646mm x 480mm (Portrait) Grippit Post Frame99056
£749.95 +VAT
1609mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Grippit Post Frame 99057
1609mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Grippit Post Frame99057
£1,309.95 +VAT
860mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Grippit Post Frame 99058
860mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Grippit Post Frame99058
£1,089.95 +VAT
1074mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Grippit Post Frame 99059
1074mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Grippit Post Frame99059
£1,309.95 +VAT
432mm x 710mm (Landscape) Grippit Post Frame 99060
432mm x 710mm (Landscape) Grippit Post Frame99060
£749.95 +VAT
967mm x 710mm (Portrait) Post Frame 99061
967mm x 710mm (Portrait) Post Frame99061
£899.95 +VAT
646mm x 940mm (Landscape) Post Frame 99062
646mm x 940mm (Landscape) Post Frame99062
£899.95 +VAT
When it comes to freestanding, post mounted display frames, these Grippit post frames are a top choice. Grippit display frames for wall mounting and post mounting are the ideal solution for a flexible, secure and easy to change message, no matter where you want to use them.

Grippit tile signs for easy displays

All our clients love Grippit, because it makes effective displays and changeable wall signs as easy as pie. One of the most popular wall frames in the UK, the Grippit system uses interchangeable lettering tiles and a unique self-gripping mechanism to let you display professional looking signs that you can change whenever you like.

The immaculately presented letter tiles let businesses and community groups create a wall frame that is ideal for displays in a public place. Big, bold and easy to read, your message is perfectly presented with these tiles signs, and using them is child’s play.

How Grippit wall frames work

These metal wall signs are among the most innovative wall frames UK businesses can choose right now. The pin free mounting system is highly sanitary and super safe, making them suitable for displays in sensitive areas such as healthcare premises and educational facilities too. Here’s how they work:

  • The aluminium slats contain unique rubber grip strips; a patented design that not only holds the supplied letter tiles securely, but can also house your notices, images and any other media you care to put on display.
  • Choose what you want to display on your Grippit wall frame and simply slide it into position. The rubber is pushed backwards to accommodate your item.
  • As you release the item, the rubber returns to its original position, gripping your media and ensuring it is safely and professionally displayed in your wall frame for as long as you’d like it to be there.
Grippit wall frames are ideal for places where displays have to quickly and frequently be changed, such as orders in restaurants, community advertisements in shops and patient notes in hospitals. Simply push, release and go, and when you want to take it down again, just grab and the Grippit will release your item.

We’ve seen the amazing popularity of these wall signs UK wide, and all our customers comment on the innovative and easy to use way these tile signs work. If your business needs robust, easy to manage and aesthetically pleasing wall signs, look no further than the amazing Grippit system.

Make your Grippit metal wall signs your own

Our range of Grippit display frames for wall and post mounting come in a huge range of colours and finishes, helping you reinforce your branding at every step. Choose from any one of our 12 high quality finishes to fit your needs, and from our eight amazingly versatile sizes too. Grippit is lockable, heavy duty and designed to last, so when you’re looking for amazing security and stunning looks, these wall frames are a winner.

We ship Grippit wall signs UK wide

Wherever your business or community is based, Valentino’s Displays can deliver your chosen Gripping wall signs right to your door. Choose from a range of great value shipping solutions to suit your needs and budget, and if you’re based outside of the UK, check out our options for shipping where you are. If you’ve got any questions, our expert team is available to help; call us today and we’ll get you the right wall frame solution for your bespoke needs.