1288mm x 940mm (Portrait) Post Tile Sign 99063
1288mm x 940mm (Portrait) Post Tile Sign99063
£1,229.95 +VAT
646mm x 480mm (Portrait) Post Tile Sign 99064
646mm x 480mm (Portrait) Post Tile Sign99064
£899.95 +VAT
1609mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Post Tile Sign 99065
1609mm x 1170mm (Portrait) Post Tile Sign99065
£1,449.95 +VAT
860mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Post Tile Sign 99066
860mm x 1170mm (Landscape) Post Tile Sign99066
£1,229.95 +VAT
1074mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Post Tile Sign 99067
1074mm x 1630mm (Landscape) Post Tile Sign99067
£1,449.95 +VAT
432mm x 710mm (Landscape) Post Tile Sign 99068
432mm x 710mm (Landscape) Post Tile Sign99068
£899.95 +VAT
967mm x 710mm (Portrait) Post Tile Sign 99069
967mm x 710mm (Portrait) Post Tile Sign99069
£1,029.95 +VAT
646mm x 940mm (Landscape) Post Tile Sign 99070
646mm x 940mm (Landscape) Post Tile Sign99070
£1,029.95 +VAT
Grippit are taking the UK by storm, with their innovative range of easy to use wall frames and tile signs. With a post tile sign from Grippit, it will be easy to create beautiful, professional displays and messages for your company, whenever you want. Whether you need to advertise your products, keep your staff informed or simply keep important notices to hand, our range of Grippit tile signs are the perfect choice.

What makes Grippit wall frames so popular?

Grippit are among the most popular wall frames UK wide, but what makes them so special? Here’s why we love Grippit, and we know you will too:
  • Massive range of sizes: These metal wall signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for whatever project you have in mind. From the compact 646mm x 480mm model to the huge 1609mm x 1170mm ones, these wall signs will fit the bill, whatever you are planning.
  • Huge choice of colour: These display frames for wall or post mounting come in a huge variety of colour finishes. From subtle cream to bright traffic red, it’s easy to maintain your brand identity when you choose Grippit.
  • Built to last: Not only do these wall signs look great, they are also designed to last and last. A powder coated finish and heavy duty aluminium construction means your wall frame will look good and perform great for many years to come.
  • Secure: The robust external frame and heavy duty lock and hinge system means your display materials will be safe and secure, no matter where you place them. If you’re looking for a wall frame that can remain secure even in a public place, you’ve found the ideal product.
  • Safe: Grippit uses a system of friction and pressure to safely and easily grab hold of any display materials pushed into the rubber strips. This means no mess, no fuss and no dangerous pin tacks, making these metal wall signs perfect for use around children, animals and in sensitive environments.

As well as being super user friendly, these display frames for wall or post mounting offer amazing value for money. Supplied with your choice of letter tiles in either a complementary or contrasting colour, it’s never been easier for you to create professional, beautiful wall frame displays for your business.

You’ll love these tile signs

You can become your own professional sign writer with ease, thanks to the amazing features of our Grippit wall frames. The patented Grippit fixing system uses concealed rubber strips to effortlessly grab hold of your tiles and display materials, keeping them in place perfectly.

Because anything attached to this wall sign automatically centres itself thanks to gravity, your tile signs will hang in a perfectly perpendicular arrangement too. No more crooked lettering, no more hassle. Just simply beautiful signs every time.

Express delivery wall frames UK wide

If you need your Grippit fast, we can ship our wall signs UK wide using express courier services. You could be enjoying your new wall frame as soon as tomorrow when you choose our rapid delivery service. We can handle international shipping too; just ask our team for a quote. When it comes to wall signs UK businesses simply love Grippit, so why not see what you’re missing out on today.