Printed Coat Hangers - A.R.C Hangers

When A.R.C. decided they needed custom clothes hangers for their retail shop, they weren’t sure we’d be able to pull of their logo in such a small space. But having provided custom coat hangers with logo printing to many businesses, for many years, we were confident we’d impress this client.

Our client

The Automobile Racing Club, or A.R.C. as they are known, are a unique and individual clothing brand featuring a motorsport inspired look. They have a store in Stow on the Wold, and another in Chipping Camden, and are official suppliers to the Silverstone Classic. From sweatshirts to polo shirts, jackets and more, this brand is all about quality and an individual style.

Our customer’s goal

A.R.C. wanted to reinforce their brand image by supplying custom clothes hangers embossed with their logo. As their logo was usually printed in colour, they wanted to see if it would work in one colour only. They heard about our personalised hanger UK service, and thought they’d give us a try.

Our approach

We knew that A.R.C. are a high-quality brand, so we wanted to provide them with a suitably high quality personalised coat hanger product too. We had to modify their logo slightly to make it look good in black, and needed to be sure the client was completely satisfied before going to print for the full run. We worked on a step by step process to deliver the best quality product we could:

  1. Logo refinement: We decided on a black silhouette of the logo, as this looked classy and eye catching, and still retained the flavour of the A.R.C. branding.
  2. Hanger choice: We chose our wishbone wooden branded hanger with printed logo as we knew these would meet their quality standards and be robust as well.
  3. Sample production: To ensure our client was completely satisfied, we printed one of these custom coat hangers with logo and sent it to them as a sample so that they could inspect the quality.
  4. Full print run: The client was blown away with our efforts, so we went to print. Using PAD printing to ensure a long lasting, garment safe finish, we produced their entire order and met their deadline with ease.

Every single branded hanger with printed logo was inspected for quality, and meticulously care for throughout the process. This was one client we really wanted to impress, so we pulled out all the stops to make this job perfect.

The end results

We thought the end result was excellent, and our customer was over the moon. They hadn’t thought that a branded hanger with printed logo could look this good, and were delighted to have chosen us as their partner.

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