A guide to swing signs, a boards & pavement signage


Fancy getting your shop started on the road to success with a form of advertising that has been proven to work time and time again?

With shops competing for every customer’s business, there are new advertising gimmicks coming out on a daily basis. Sometimes it is best to stick with a form that people know and respond to.

Outdoor advertising is a tried and tested way of increasing customer interaction within your store. Whether you are advertising a restaurant or a beauty salon, or everything in between, displaying some form of outdoor advertising has a relatively cheap cost and a guaranteed return on investment.

With an average growth of 4% in 2012, the outdoor advertising industry seems to be staying around for good. This steady form of marketing is always successful and works well with a variety of retail endeavours. It comes in a variety of forms and it is this diversity that keeps it so successful.

Types of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising works. It has proven itself to be a beneficial marketing tool, and yet they are simple and easy to implement.

1. Swing signs

Swing signs are especially popular for advertising offers on the street, they are commonly seen outside newsagents. It is also a great way of advertising products or menus, and when placed in a prominent position they can have a huge impact on sales and customer interest. Just do not leave it outside in strong winds or it might swing a bit too much!

2. Aboards

Aboards are classic marketing tools that have been around forever. They have been consistently used to gain people’s attention about newspaper headlines and the like. Even in the intense digital age that we find ourselves in, shops are still to this day using the sandwich board to attract customers and increase sales.

Fancy something a little different, perhaps with a retro feel? Then use a chalkboard. You can buy semi-permanent pens that look exactly like chalk to help keep the vintage feel alive, but they will not wash away in the rain.

3. Pavement signage – cafe banners

These cafe banners are a great idea if you have an outdoor area in your shop. They can be utilised to section off areas and squeeze in an advert too. Outdoor eating, drinking, or smoking area can all be created with these. Best of all they come in a lot of different sizes, to suit even the smallest of outdoor spaces.

The benefits of outdoor advertising

There are tried and tested benefits of outdoor advertising that cannot be denied. This is why they have been around the industry for so long. Advertising moves at a very quick pace, but sandwich boards and the like have stuck around. One huge benefit for most shops, especially those that are independently run, is the price of outdoor advertising. Our prices start low for a small swing board.

If your business was to invest in another form of advertising, like TV or a billboard, usually the finished product is difficult to change if you are unsatisfied. With outdoor advertising this is not an issue, it sits just outside so can be edited as much or as little as you like.

Purchase a high-quality sandwich board from a reliable supplier in order to prevent the board from succumbing to weathering. It will be outside come rain or shine, do not forget, to pick one that has high-grade materials and can withstand this great British climate of ours!

Get attention from your community and drive customers into the shop. If your business is based on a quiet road, or an alleyway with no direct access, placing something as simple as an A Board on the main road can really make an impact. For top results make sure you give good directions and have a catchy slogan, something that makes people want to walk to your business.

Your board can be used for almost anything. One day you can have your A Board on the main road, directing traffic and pedestrians to your store. Then next it can be used at a convention or show, to encourage people to stop at your booth.

Contact Valentino’s Displays

Try out the magic of outdoor advertising for yourself, but make sure you buy from a reputable supplier like Valentino’s. We use the highest quality ingredients to ensure that whatever board you choose, will stay looking its best. No one is going to follow your sign if it looks battered and worn, so invest in a top-notch piece and start earning the benefits today.

A guide to swing signs, a boards & pavement signage

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