Painted and Printed Clothes Hangers For Adidas

Recently we were asked to produce custom bespoke clothes hangers for a large sports retailer, Adidas.

The Project

To paint 300 coat hangers into five colours which were chosen by our client, the colours were supplied to us using Ral paint numbers. The image below was a mock-up by our client to give us an indication of how they wanted the hangers to look. The client decided on a hanger style and size before coming to us so they had a really good idea on what they were looking to achieve! Which makes our job easier.

Painted Coathangers for AdidasWe were then given six Pantone colours of which we had to ink print the painted coat hangers using the same Adidas logo but into different colours dependent on the paint colour of the hanger. We had 10 days to paint 300 clothes hangers as well as ink print these hangers and deliver them to various delivery addresses across the UK. The results below speak for themselves.

The Results

The quick video below shows the process from beginning to end from our UK sprayers re-spraying the hangers and then the hangers being pad printed by our UK ink printers before them being dispatched.

This was an extremely bespoke project one of which we enjoyed immensely under a very tight deadline. The hangers look fantastic and are so different from any clothes hanger we have seen before. The colours were different and not the usual everyday natural wood hangers you will see!

If you are interested in bespoke coat hangers with a logo then contact us at Valentino’s Displays by telephoning us on 01489 808007 or emailing us at All we require to quote is an email with the following;

  • A copy of your logo (if ink printing required)
  • Ral numbers (if re-spraying required) or Pantone numbers (if ink printing required, if you don’t have these just specify colours for quote purposes)
  • The hanger reference code you are interested in
  • The number of hangers you require

Once we have this information we will get back to you. We are not able to put prices online as each job is quoted differently each time as the above usually varies greatly.

Branded Coathangers with Printed Logo

Bespoke White Wooden Hanger for Adidas

Custom Clothes Hangers for Adidas UK

Bespoke Hangers with Custom Logo for Adidas

Customised Coat Hangers for Adidas

Customized Painted Coat Hangers for Adidas

A testimonial from our client read “They look great! I think they have come out really well, they would look great to show off“.

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