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Child mannequins serve as merchandising visual aids that help both consumers and retailers. This is accomplished by allowing the customer to have an idea of what the clothing on display would look like when worn by a real person.

The customer can have a better idea about the shape, size, and look of the clothes. The child-sized mannequins also offer a terrific way to showcase a retailer’s range of children’s clothing.

A dedicated mannequin supplier

Valentino’s Displays is a dedicated supplier of high-quality clothes mannequins. The ideal end result should be increased sales and revenue for every business that makes use of mannequin displays. For several decades now, it is standard practice within the retail industry. There’s no indication that it’s going to change with every shop using one or several for show.

About our child mannequin range

There are difficulties peculiar to buying children’s clothing that parents know about. One of those is the difficulty in ascertaining the size of children’s clothing if it is not properly displayed in a shop.

You just can’t make an accurate judgement if it is simply folded or placed on a hanger. Once it’s worn by a mannequin then any parent could then make the right decision if it is the right fit and has the right look for their son or daughter.

We have an array of mannequins for sale that present realistic body shapes and proportions. Each one is made from high-quality fibreglass. This means that it doesn’t just look good but is also capable of withstanding the test of time.

Our shop mannequins include child sculpted hair mannequins, headless options, and abstract ones that have no facial features at all. Every single one’s pose and colour can be customised to meet the specific needs and requirements of each retailer.

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Childrens Mannequins

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