How to make your must-buy products come alive with visual merchandising


When you have a great new product, you know it is your chance for your business to make money. However, when it does not fly off the shelves, it can seem baffling. Sadly, it may be down to the wrong visual merchandising. A product, no matter how wonderful it is, needs to have aesthetic appeal.

So, if you want your must-buy products to fly off the shelves, it may be time to rethink your visual merchandising strategy. If you need inspiration, follow our top tricks to increase the sales of your top product.

How to use visual merchandising to make products come alive

Create a mood with colour

Colours have a profound impact on customers. Bold colours will instantly attract attention and will alter moods accordingly. For example, blues and greens will create a calm and relaxed atmosphere; white invokes a vision of clean and pure and purple builds images royalty and high-end products. Consider what mood your products will create and prepare a colour scheme accordingly.

Once you have a colour scheme, you can build in other related items to create a bigger display to entice customers and promote a higher spend.

Give visual clues

By looking at your product, your customers may not see all of the features and benefits. Signage is essential to give your customers the information they need to make a purchase decision. Remember, signage does not have to be a full list of features. Strategically placed information can help to draw customers in without a hard sell.

Humans naturally have a short attention span, so make sure you give just enough information to capitalise on their interest but don’t overwhelm buyers with information overload. Consider posters, A-boards and lightboxes to get your message across.

The rule of three

Did you know that the brain feels a trigger when there is a perceived imbalance? By grouping products in odd numbers, you will draw attention to the products and the display. Once you have captured the gaze of a customer, you can then pull customers in with signage, promotions and colour.

If you want to trigger another reaction alongside a rule of three, then you can have fun with your display by incorporating a product that seems entirely out of place. It may baffle customers, but it will certainly make them look twice at your shop display.

Think about the eyes

One of the most common mistakes that shops make is not putting their prime products at eye level. Before creating your display, place a marker of the average eye level for your customers. Place your must-buy product at the level and cascade down to create a flowing window display that keeps your must-buy product at the top of the pyramid.

Using varying heights may require creativity to get the look you desire. Consider how you can give products height, whether they are suspended from the ceiling, placed on props or using a dress rail. As well as the height of the products, consider the angles of the product to make it easier for customers to visualise the item and interact with it.

Help your product fly off the shelves

When you have a new product that can increase your profit margins, then make sure it shines with visual merchandising. Use our top tips to help create stunning visual displays. If you need display equipment to help boost your vision, then head to Valentino’s Displays the one-stop-shop for shops.

How To Make Your Must-Buy Products Come Alive With Visual Merchandising

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