New Tesco in Fareham Town Centre

Building work on the 70,000 square foot supermarket is progressing very well and in a few months, time should be complete, the early part of 2012. The Tesco superstore was thwarted last year by negotiations to relocate an energy substation that was present on the land.

Tesco claims the new store will create around 240 jobs for local people as well as giving people in the town centre more options for grocery shopping. It’s good news for local employment figures and it’s good news for the growing numbers of people who live in and around the town centre and prefer something more “doorstep” than Sainsbury’s or ASDA.

The building works will cause and has has been causing significant disruption to traffic on the Quay Street round-a-bout as the new ‘traffic easing’ road system is constructed.  And how will it affect food markets and town centre shops already in existence? 

Will Tesco be taking customers away from the markets and smaller town centre food shop or is it appealing to an entirely different customer base? One thing it will do is bring more people to the town centre – but will they stay and take a look round other shops too?

Tesco FarehamIt’s only a matter of time to see whether Tesco’s existence in Fareham will be a good thing for the local community or whether it will do more harm than good? One’s thing for sure Tesco in Fareham will certainly be requiring shop fittings such as clothes rails, clothes hangers, and mannequins to merchandise their clothes from to fill this large supermarket.

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